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Human relations that are in past and present and its trend in present situation

December 19, 2011  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 1018

In this article, I have explained about how human relations are in past. I have also mentioned the human relations in the present. In this resource, I have given a comparision between the relations in past and present. In this article, I have presented how the people misunderstood among themselves.


Human relations in the past:

In the past, people were assembled at one house on festivals and they enjoy with one another to get happiness by eating sweets and talking more and more. I have a memory in my childhood that when Sankranthi comes all my relatives were being happy at my grand mother's house. Such sweet memories that any one has in their childhood in different ways. But, it is pity to say that orphans are very unlucky persons as they have no any sweet memory that they were left by their parents at their childhood. If we find the lives of many great people in our history, maximum number were with big families in their childhood. For example, Rabidranath Tagore, writer of national anthem, in all his writings we can find the beauty of nature as his childhood was spent in very beautiful environment and he had good experience with his family. If we see the life of Abraham linkon, a former president of United states of America, his life is full of adversities but he overcame it. He had no sweet memories in his life. Martin Luther king, a great leader, who was insulted by white people in his childhood. From these, admittedly, we can confirm that human relations in the race are positive but the relations between any two races are negative.

Comparision of human relations between present and past:

Human relations have not lost its meaning but its character is changed adhere to time. In the past, people are generous and corruption is low. There is love and affection among people which was supported by great leaders. Suppose if one would go to another house for food and water, people would ready to give food and water. But now, food and water are expensive. In the past, no one came on a family because family was united. But, there are adversaral thoughts among family in present days. That means there are many conflicts among family members. In olden days, only races and countries have enemity among them. But now, maximum, every two persons are enemies in present situation. No one thinks about others.

Ways followed by people to misunderstand themseleves:

Mainly, many families are broken due to ego problems. On other hand, they conflicts with the reason of financial matters. People do not compare themselves in behaviour with great persons. Instead, they define great people as rich people. People neglects others who are rich about behaviour. To reach level of rich ones, people get adhere to bad behaviour to earn more money. It is invitable one that girl birth rate is accrued in present situation. But some parents do not give value to girls compare with boys.
In the following link we can find the story how the animals are better compare with human beings.

Generally the following characterstics make the human relations to be broken.
1. Jealousy
2. Hatred
3. Selfish
4. Inferior


This behavior makes the people always to be live in non-peaceful life. Many people who live with jealousy turns their lives in bad position. We can find this as an example of Duryodana in Mahabharatha.

2. Hatred:

Love makes many people to live together. On other hand, hatred makes people to be live lonely. Love makes people to be full potential by uniting with one another. I would not like to say about hatred. If I say about the importance of love then automatically, we can mean about it as the effects of hatred.

3. Selfish:

This is very rude behavior of people. Due to accrue of this behavior from the past, now no country is not in position to save other countries from its disaster. Bonds among countries in a manner which is financial. If we see African countries, then we can observe number of countries in Africa are helpless due to selfish of developed countries.

4. Inferiority:

This behavior makes other not to live with a crowd of people because they think that other people may blame him. Due to this behavior, human relations will be broken. Due to accrue of this behavior in people, they slowly come out from their relations.


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