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Silent Words of Body Language Speak For Your Success

December 19, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 626

Even without words or opening your mouth, your body can speak. It has a body language that can express ideas and execute activities. Know your body language and benefits of using it.


Without speaking words, without opening your mouth and without shouting or exerting yourself with verbal expressions you can communicate. Your body can communicate silently. Your body postures, gestures, facial expressions and movements of your eyes can communicate and share ideas.

What is body language?

Body language is a form of communication without words. It consists of facial expressions, eye movements and body postures in different movements. Almost all of us use that language and send signals even without our consciousness. Our facial expressions blossom into a flower of smile when we feel something happy and share it with others. Tears roll down from our eyes expressing the wounded words of our heart.

Speak in silence to achieve success

Make use of these silent body language to achieve your success in life. In fact, they can speak louder than your words from mouth. They can make your efforts easier than spending your energy in speech.

Using your body language for success

1) Smile and achieve wonders

Smile on your face is a very valuable ornament that can say wonderful things to others. It can be understood in virtually every language. If you are generous in smiling it can win anyone to your side to stand for your success. Your frowns and grimaces will be signals to bring you only negative response. You can use those negative expressions if you want such results. If you use it artificially it will bring out results of humor.

2) Eye contact a call to attract attention

Eye contact is a powerful language. Eyes can speak the depths of soul. They can express pain, longing, desire and hope. Modern people are losing eye contact since most them are buried in Twitter, Facebook, iPhones, MacBooks and what not? Modern technology has isolated people who are craving human connection. Your eye contact can tell others your respect, your anger, your suspicion, your concern and your seriousness. Eye contact is such a powerful stimulator of love and affection that according to some studies when you look someone directly in the eyes, his or her body produces a certain chemical called phenylethylamine that makes the person feel in love. Your eye contact can transform your everyday interactions into near-magical moments of beauty and can win the attention of others to bring you victory. I can give thousands of examples for this.

3) Speech of hands

Hands can tell people so many things. Handshake speaks in so many ways. They tell others whatever is in your heart. A recent study by Frank Bernieri and Kristen Petty about different styles of handshakes describes how they can speak and give accurate personality information about a person. A firm grip when you shake hands speaks loud about your self-confidence.
Hand wringing is an expression of your negative attitudes. It will tell others about your nervousness and other weaknesses.

4) Your breathing can tell thousand things

Huff and puff can speak hard words. Deep breathing tells about your stress and anger. Psychologists say that breathing postures can express emotions in so many ways. Scriptures say that as humans speak with words through mouth, God speaks through "breathing".

5) Move your limbs meaningfully

Movements of the parts of the body such as head ( inclusive of lips, eyes, face, cheek, teeth, tongue and mouth), hands, shoulders, legs and torso can speak different things through their different movements.


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