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best dogs for an apartment

December 19, 2011  by: Inderpreet Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 1385

Summary of various dogs which are suitable for the environment in an apartment


Dogs need exercise and an area to play. Even best dogs for an apartment living need daily walk and exercise should drain them physically and mentally, or else they are not likely to relax properly. If you are able to give daily dosage of exercise to your dog, then you are well on your way to keep your dog happy and stable. Some dogs have higher energy levels than the others, and they are not likely to get correct dosage of exercise in apartments where there is not enough space to walk or jog. Apartments may not be recommended for dogs who always need to stay in excited state of mind and get mentally drained once in a day. Simply put, if you are looking for best dogs for an apartment living, you need to look for dogs who can be easily groomed, quite and has relatively low activities.

So, if you are going to add a dog in your life, and you are staying in apartments, then you need to consider these top options which have been found to do well in places like apartments
1) Bichon Frise
A popular member of toy group having a fluffy hair coat, Bichon Frise is known to be gentle and playful nature, always craving for company of humans. It gets along quite well with other animals. Daily walk in the park and some indoor games are enough daily dosage of exercise for Bichon Frise. It sheds very little, so it is recommended for those who are allergy prone.
However, like other pure white pets, it needs daily cleaning to keep it clean and clear from dirt. They need daily grooming and a monthly bath as well.
2) Chihuahua
Chihuahua is another breed from toy group, which is very lively and cheerful. It needs early socialization as a puppy and proper human leadership, because even though they can be strong-willed, intelligent and learn quickly, but can suffer from 'small dog syndrome'. If proper leadership is not given, then tend to dominate household and develop bad habits. It needs daily walks for proper exercise and mental stimulation.
3) Pug
Pug is also a member of toy group, and it has a very infectious happy-go-lucky attitude. They are affectionate, love to play, and are very intelligent. However, because they are very intelligent, then get bored easily and often, unless some variety is injected in their grooming. They are strong-willed, and do not accept human leadership, so they can be a good watch dogs. They love staying indoors, and get along well with kids and other pets. Their face wrinkles needs daily cleaning and brushing to keep them clear from dirt and excess shedding. They are quite popular and are considered to be best dogs for an apartment living.
4) Poodle
Poodles are one of the best dogs to groom and train because of their remarkable intelligence and grasping ability. They love to be among people all the time, and they are quite lively and amusing. Like pugs, poodles also need human leadership and dominance, otherwise they develop their own dominance on the members of the house. If they don't get proper exercise, then they tend to become timid. However, with proper training and leadership, they can become good watch dogs.
5) Bulldog
With it's deceptively intimidating looks, bulldog is a very gentle dog. It is very affectionate with kids. Because of its intimidating looks, bulldogs can be an excellent watch dog, as it is observed that they can be very bull-headed and persistent sometimes. They also crave to be among other human members of the family.
6) Dachshund
They are quite affectionate, curious, lively and amusing pet. Because they are always devoted to their own family, they can be difficult (but not entirely impossible) to train and groom. They need a pack leader to prevent them from developing behavior related problems, otherwise they are likely to suffer from problems like guarding furniture obsessive barking, biting, separation anxiety, snapping, etc. If good leadership is not available, then they can become unpredictable, over-protective of some objects, and even start telling the owner what to do. Daily walks and exercises can help them improve their temperaments.
7) Lhasa Apso
Friendly and spirited dog, Lhasa Apso responds very well to motivational training and become quite obedient to human members of the house, making them one of the best dogs for an apartment living. Because of their exceptional sense of hearing, then become good watch dogs. They need daily exercise for physical and mental stimulation, as they have a primal instinct to walk. In the absence of regular exercise, they tend to develop negative behavior problem.


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