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Story on a cat and rats

December 20, 2011  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 1015

In this article, I have explained a story on a cat and rats. This article will give full fun to kids to develop wisdom whenever they face any troubles in their future. In this article, I have described the courage of the king rat


Once there was a forest in which all animals lived in friendship environment. In that forest a pious cat and rats were lived. That cat was very old but it was wise. One day a rat was walking at distance beside the cat. The cat was very silence at that movement. That rat was the king of rats. That rat asked the cat, " Oh cat sir, Why are you silent now?"
Then the cat said, "Oh king rat, you know I am very pious, now I am meditating. I am in position not to eat any meat at all. So, there is no need to fear about me. All your rats can come to me to get my blessings everyday"
Then the king rat believed the words of that cat. That king rat said with its rats, "Oh my friends, listen, there is a pious cat near to this place. We will be happy when we get blessings from it. So, we have to go to the cat to get blessings] every day." For these words, rats accepted the words of the king rat. They went to that cat in a line. The cat behaved just like blessing the rats one by one. He touched every rat with its paw. The cat caught last rat in the line to eat it and felt happy to get such food. But, innocent rats did not know that one rat was always missing in the line. Same thing was happened for many weeks. This situation makes all the rats to know that one rat was killing every day when they went to the cat.

King rat called all the rats for meeting and the rat found that some cats were missing. Finally, confirmation from old rats, king rat knew that last rat in the line had been eaten by the cat. After a long discussion, all the rats planned to end up this activity. According to this plan, king rat would stand last one in the line. At the time, the king rat would kill the cat. On the next day, king rat stood up as a last rat in the line. When the blessings of the cat came to king rat, the cat tried to catch the king rat, but the rat with its sharp sword killed the cat by thrusting it into cat's stomach. Finally all the rats boasted the king rat as their life saver.


From this story, we can say that only planning of any activity comes to be successful. This story will be useful for those who are not driving in systematic manner. Any one on this earth certainly do mistakes but to remove those mistakes he has to plan in certain manner. Only in such way, intelligent is come out. That intelligent is shown by the rat in this story. At beginning, the king rat made mistake by believing the words of the cat. But, after happening loss of rats, then the king rat realizes his mistake. Ultimately he killed the cat.



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