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Eclipses Are Warning To Human Life

December 20, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Environment    Views: 640

Nature has her own breaks and controls in her system. The universe at large has been a great mystery to man. Lunar eclipse is on those great mysteries.


Nature is a wonderful labyrinthine mine of great mysteries. There are a lot of truths of natural phenomena to be researched and discovered. The universe and the cosmic mysteries are still baffling humanity with great influence on human life. From the very first day of his existence man has been looking at sky with great wonder. What lies beyond that mantle of blue sky? How far does it go? How does the earth revolve, day and night reveal great secrets of light and darkness and the stars influence human health by their cosmic energy-all these have been tormenting human brain for quite a long time. Lunar and solar eclipses are still revealing great secrets of their influence over human health.

Influence of eclipse on the earth

Eclipses occur as a natural process of revolving. They recur over a period called Saros cycle, which is a period of approximately 18 years 11 days. The umbral magnitude of the lunar eclipse depends on the moon's diameter immersed in the earth's umbral shadow at the instant of greatest eclipse. The duration of the eclipse also has much to do with the natural rhythm. Sometimes they are partial and sometimes they are complete. The geographic region of eclipse visibility also has more influence on the results of the eclipse.

Rare eclipses in 2011

In the year 2011, occurrences of solar and lunar eclipses are calculated to be four partial solar and two total lunar eclipses. This year's 4:2 combination of solar and lunar eclipses in a single year is rather seem to be rare with only six cases during the 21st Century (2011, 2029, 2047, 2065, 2076 and 2094). The first and last eclipses always occur in January and December.

Three eclipses of this summer

Summer of this year has three eclipses. The first one was a solar eclipse on June 1st, the second total lunar eclipse on June 15th and the third a partial solar eclipse that occurs on July 1st. They have important roles to play on the climatic conditions of the earth and the destiny of the whole humanity. Individuals, as well as, nations will face and feel the impact of all these eclipses more so than in the past.

Influence of eclipse on health

Most people believe that the moon has a definite influence not only on the earth's tides, but also on the health of humans and animals. The Farmer's Almanac is full of such details. It gives details when to plant certain garden vegetables, whether to plant those on a new or full moon day, etc. experienced farmers can provide a lot of stories about the influence of lunar and solar eclipses on planting and human health.

Just correlate the relationship between these eclipses and the strange and violent swings of heat, cold, fire, flooding, tornadoes, high winds, unusual rains and seismic activities around the world, which can open your eyes to see some truths.



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