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My God Against Your God

December 20, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 492

Religious harmony is a necessity for human life. But selfish and narrow motives always try to shatter a peaceful life. History is full of such ugly scenes!


Every day morning brings a new message from God. Whether the sun is shining brightly or whether it is pouring down torrents of rain, or whether it is gray or overcast, there is always a message from God. His promise is the dawn itself! His message is always a message of love and harmony. It is always a call to peaceful life.

But who makes all disputes and calamities in life? Who brings the battles and bloodsheds? Who has caused all black marks in the history of religions?

I remember an incident that happened when I was nine years old.

Here is an ideal pair of friendship!
Vinayak and Kandasamy were very thick friends. Everywhere they went together. They shared everything. They used to get up early and finish their morning cleanings together.

One day they went out in search of a place or their morning natural calls. It was long back and only open places were used for excretions. Use of toilets was not in practice. People used to sit behind plants and bushes and finish their natural calls. After defecating, they used plant leaves and bushes as tissue papers to clean their private parts.

After a routine

One day our friends Vinayak and Kandasamy, after finishing their defecations, searched for leaves or branches for cleaning. Unfortunately they could not find their usual plants. Vinayak saw a bush of neem leaves and used it for his cleaning. He was very particular about wiping his privacy pressing the leaves ell for a good cleaning. Kandasamy felt something in his self when he noticed his friend is using neem leaves for his cleaning. "No, Vinayak, don't use those leaves for this mean purpose. It belongs to our God Mariamman." But by the time Vinayak was aware of his mishap his cleaning was already over.

Though Vinayak could not accept the idea of stopping him from his action of cleaning saying that it belonged to a God., he was not serious about it .He did not care much for it. But his friend was not ready to leave the matter so easily. It is a matter of God. For him it became serious!

A seed of vengeance sown!

Vinayak asked his friend what was the leaf that belonged to his God. Kandasamy who felt the vengeance feeling behind this question showed certain leaf of a thistle belonged to his God. Kandasamy who believed his word plucked those leaves (which of course had a very itching nature) in plenty and applied for cleaning his private parts. Just imagine the itching effect that would have followed!

Unnecessary quarrels leading to firing struggles!

This is what is happening in India as well as in other nations. Just unworthy incidents flared up by selfish motives into soaring and devastating fires of hatred. It has become a necessity to become more broad minded to develop a harmonious living. Just think positively!


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