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Casting a Horoscope from the Lines on your Forehead and Hand

December 22, 2011  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 1346

A horoscope is also called a Natal chart and depicts the position of the planets at the time of birth. It is a surprise that it can be cast from lines on the hand and forehead


Some time back I remember reading that about 200 scientists all over the world, after studying the effects of planets on human life announced that they have come to the conclusion that the planets have no influence on the life of a human being.
However I would like to present some facts and cases which show that the obverse of the above is true. There are untold episodes that point to the fact that a human beings life is governed by the celestial planets and stars.

Horoscope from the Hand

Recently I read a book by Dr.Katakkar titled 'Miracles of Numerology' . Some of the observation will certainly be hard to explain. The learned Dr. writes that in 1942 two street goers visited his house and asked him to show his palms to them. These men were fortune tellers and probably hailed from Tamil nadu. The fortune tellers saw the palms and then recited some verses (Slokas) and then spotted some signs on the hand. The fortune tellers then in about 15-20 minutes started sketching on a piece of paper and to the astonishment of all sketched out a Horoscope, which was an exact copy of the horoscope cast for the Dr. Katakkar by another Astrologer and was in his possession. Was this only a chance? Can we prepare by chance, correct horoscopes from the palm?

The Forehead and the Horoscope

This is certainly not something by chance and during my sojourn in the eastern part of India I was told that there were seers who could cast the horoscope from the palm of the hand from Sikkim and Bhutan. However a personal incident is worth recounting here. In 1993 I was sitting in the officer's mess at Kumbhigran close to Silchar when a roadside astrologer approached me. He was being shown the door by the Chowkidar, till I intervened and allowed him to come inside. This man sat in front of me and after a lapse of time produced a horoscope which was about 90% accurate. The astrologer told me that he had cast my horoscope from the lines on my forehead. I was astounded and wondered how this could be done. Is this not wonderful? Could this be done only by chance? The above two illustrations show that there is more to astrology than what the scientists say. This science has as yet not been unraveled, but science must explain the two phenomena which I have related above.


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