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Evaluation systems of education in the past and present

December 23, 2011  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 1089

In this article, I have told about exam pattern that followed in present education system. New approaches that followed by educational systems are also given in this article. I have presented about old evaluation processes also in this article. In this article, I have also mentioned types of tests offered by private companies and government.


Old evaluation processes in education system:

In olden days, students get evaluated by teachers through oral examinations. There are no particular parameters to evaluate students in the past. In aegis ago, these exams were conducted in teachers' house. But, evaluation system of different examinations at the time are very typical so that only few students came out to live in the society. Those ones were having good skills in the education that they have learnt at teacher.

Present evaluation processes in education system:

If we observe present evaluation system, that is permitted to writing on paper. With introduction of paper in evaluation system by Chinese, there are revolutionary changes came in educational system. With introduction of British rule in India, new practices in education came. For education, so many educational institutes were established at the time to give education to all people at one place. From that time, paper tests were introduced in the educational system. First time, British people appointed teachers on salary basis. After we got independence, then India followed same process to give education to people. When establishing schools in India, education is teacher centered. That way of approach has been decreasing gradually and finally, education became child centered. With many explorations of educationalists, many types of evaluation processes were introduced by great educationalists.

Enriched evaluation methods conducted by private companies and government:

More and more new evaluation methods have been coming into examination system for many years. For 10 years, a new system has been running in examination system. That is OMR system. In this, one has to fill up circles with pencil or black pen. This OMR system is useful for multiple choice questions. If we think about software companies in wich employment involves screening test, group discussions and interviews. Private companies are enhancing their capacity by filtering candidates to get intelligent employees for their companies. Some campanies are directly recruiting through campus interviews conducting at only IITS.

Government also designed three stages of tests for recruiting candidates for executive posts. They are
1. Screening test
2. Mains test
3. Interviews

1.Screening test:

Through this test, candidate is examined in general topics and current affairs with multiple choice questions. For preparing this type test, candidate has to get knowledge on prescribed topics by experts.

2. Mains test:

This is some what tough test. To get on from this test, one has to prepare by analysing the subject. In this test, essay type questions on current affairs asking about opinions and discussing about a problem that presently occur in the country within mentioned words.

3. Interviews:

For this type test, candidate is tested alround in the manner of body language, attentiveness and common sense. Examiners test the candidate ability by questioning in different modes that related to executive posts.


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