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Education is on Sale in India

December 24, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Others    Views: 715

Education has been a service of humanity throughout history. But in the recent decades it has become a commercial product and a means of business.


Education is on the sale today. It is no more a service enlightening humanity. It has become a business commodity all over the world! Gone are the days when education was considered a means of making ones personality blossom into its fullness based on the moral values which paved way for a peaceful and harmonious human life! Today it is bargained just like any other commodity in the market.

Purchase Education in the Market

Education is on market sale today. It has become purely a product of purchase and only those who have money can achieve it. Only the rich people can send their children to quality schools which can prepare their wards as earning machines better than their parents. The poor people have only free schools where they can get the minimum education which has no assurance of life!

Education to Make an Earning Machine

Education today has become a process of producing earning machines. Right from infancy this rat race to produce earning machines starts. The brain washing by the parents starts right from the cradle saying, "Sweet kid, you should study well to become a doctor or an engineer to earn a lot!" Investing money in education to reap the rewards as the children grow is the modern trend in education. In India, kids of just two years have to start this race to reach money pouring jobs in the job market. Education in India is decided purely by the job market. What about the moral values of education? Who bothers? Net result: burnout, frustration, suicidal streak.which leads to loss of childhood.

What Does Education Today Give?

Education today is an unbalanced growth of modernism. The students who come out of colleges are said to be intellectually absent, morally incontinent, uninformed, and extremely unmotivated. They walk away from college in the end with McDonald's educations, prefabricated with oodles of brainwashing and cultivated submissiveness by years of over extended adolescence. This kind of education prepares them only for a life of unhealthy competitions and selfishness.

Free Education Has Become a Trick of Politics

In India, State Governments have found out education as a powerful weapon to gain votes by offering free education and other freebies like, free meals, free dress, bicycle, etc. Through this kind of education the politicians can fill their pockets with welfare schemes and also carry out the magic wonder of filling ballot boxes. That is why today the private educational institutes are able to find education as a profitable business.

Education is Auctioned in Public

Education is supposed to be the primary duty of the Government. In India, it is given into the hands of private managements who mint money through profitable means of business methods. This selfish motivation of the Government has made the people lose their hopes in the government schools which are unable to achieve the expectations of the parents. The UNESCO's latest findings on the impact of socio- economic inequalities on education underscore the need to widen the current focus on raising enrolments and moral values.

Education Reformation - An Immediate Necessity of India

India has ever considered education as, "something vital to the human spirit just like food, air and water to the body." Achieving true knowledge of wisdom through education (Jnanam vijnana- sahitam) has been the hallmark of education from the very beginning of Indian history. But globalization and selfishness have made modern education another commodity of consumerism. The only aim of Indian education today is finding a job with great salary and nothing else! This has begun to change India a land of unrest.

A Warning in Time

ducation as a commodity has turned the classrooms of consumerist into battlefields with shooting guns and cruel violence. It is nothing but a great warning to the globalized modern society to turn back and think of the consequences of the degrading trends! Let us think for a moment and rise to the right occasion to act!



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