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2012 is coming up soon

December 24, 2011  by: befrindwithme26  Points: 12   Category: People    Views: 566

Year 2012 is coming up and hope we are to welcome to it


December is the last month of 2011.And 2012 is coming up next, I hope that 2012 is more wonderful, and exciting year for anyone who looking forward.
A year 2011 is so much wonderful, a lot of great experiences in each individual, some are good story, and some are not. And it is a great blessing that evens those trials God so much wonderful, drops blessings every day and blessed life. It is life that blessed by God's unlimited faithfulness.
It is amazing year because a lot of things that change around and happening. We experience such great life that there is joy, troubles, aches and etc. And we do complaints for much reason, but instead of that we are too thankful because we are alive and blessed. Those difficulties keep us strong, and to draw near to the loving saviour Jesus Christ.
What we need to expect in the coming 2012?
Well, every year is different experiences, and we are to expect that a lot of things will be in great change.
The product prices with go up high.
Gasoline, oil and etc.
Rice, vegetables, fruits.
Fare, money /financial problems.
And many more.
We know that a lot of things will be in change every year and year. Those things is not our control, we are just to wonder how those things happen? Well, we have to think that things are this world will not last, but will vanish away. So we are to enjoy those hard things and happiness, but do not forget that in Jesus we will enjoy great peace in we have Him, and those earthly happiness will go away and not eternal.
We just trust everything to God in this 2012 and hope we have great and wonderful year and thanking God that through Him, we do all have great life even in the midst of trials.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 12/25/2011    Points:3    

The New Year is at hand with great fears and expectations. The situation in the world at present is not so encouraging with the economic and political environments. Global warming is another threat with fresh dangers. Only thing that humanity can do is trust in God and do the right. Thanks for this article Befriendwithme. I want to be your friend.

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