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Tips For Making A Good Report

July 12, 2010  by: Aakash  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.45   Views: 2207

A report is a written statement or document stating what has happened or describing the state of affairs.It is written in a clear, informative way, drawing conclusions, making recommendations and suggesting course of action.


A good report must satisfy the following requirements:

1. Simplicity: A good report must be written in a simple language. It must be easy to understand as otherwise it would be of little utility. A satisfactory writing style can be developed after practicing report writing and by studying the reports of other writers.

2. Clarity: A good report contains a proper arrangement of facts. It has a clear purpose, definite sources of data and clear findings and recommendations. It should be divided into short paragraphs and must have a clear title. Short paragraphs make the repost look attractive.

3. Accuracy: A good report contains accurate and unbiased information. Only accurate reports can lead to correct decisions and right actions. A report should be accurate both in terms of facts and grammar.

4. Completeness: A good report must be complete in all respects. It must contain all the required facts and conclusions. It should specify the purpose, facts, conclusions and recommendations.

5. Relevance:
The contents of a report must be relevant to the purpose for which it is prepared. Irrelevant facts make a report misleading.

6. Objectivity: Recommendations made in a report must be impartial and free from prejudice. There should be logically derived conclusions from investigations and analysis.

7. Brevity: A good report should be brief with being incomplete. It should include every significant detail yet be brief.

8. Reader-oriented: while preparing a report the person who is to read and use it should be kept in mind. The main purpose of a report is the presentation of facts. Use of clear language can make the report readable.

Main Parts of a Report

. Title or title page
. Preface and Acknowledgements
. Summary or Abstract
. Table of Contents
. Introduction
. Analysis
. Descriptions
. Explanations
. Conclusions And recommendations
. Appendix - Support Materials


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