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Five Top Methods of Setting up Short-term Goals in Life to Reach a Target

December 25, 2011  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1124

While reaching a target many people lose focus and falter midway. Therefore it is very important to break down the target into several short-term goals that will eventually help the individual concerned reach his or her desired target with full enthusiasm, focus and confidence. I've mentioned five top methods of setting up short-term goals to reach a larger target in life in this article. I'm sure it will benefit you very much.


Every person wants to achieve something or the other in life. That is the reason everybody works so hard day in and day out towards attaining that achievement. The target of achievement varies from person to person and requires different set of challenges. Some target might require much greater degree of effort than another one in comparison looking from a general perspective but it also should be kept in mind that the degree and intensity of a challenge depends upon the individuals' capacity to handle tougher challenges. To give an example, one might run ten miles at full throttle and still be ready for running another ten miles while another one might be found panting after running just one mile at half the speed. Surely one might work hard to increase one's endurance power and both physical and mental strength but still come short of the other individual. So going after unrealistic targets one cannot achieve is not only foolish but imprudent as well.

While everybody sprints toward their own targets in life many lose their way in the process and only those who pursue their target steadily and doggedly with utmost determination and enthusiasm reach the final destination. Most people generally lose their way while chasing a target because of various reasons. It might be a loss of focus, getting distracted by other things, being overcome by the daunting challenges or not ready to simply put the hard work required to attain the achievement. There might be other reasons but generally these are the primary reasons of faltering midway. Therefore it is very important for everybody to set short-term reasonable goals in life to reach a much larger target. It will make the job much easier and enjoyable too only if one wishes to make these little mental adjustments.

Step-by-step this way you'll reach your desired target

Short-term goals help you immensely in keeping your focus for the larger target and not get overawed by it while enjoying the journey as a learning experience. It also has the potential of making you re-discover yourself and your own potential that has been untried and dormant until that time. So once you have made up your mind about your ultimate target and have analyzed well that it is the best available option as far as the well being of your life goes then you can go for setting up short-term goals. Here are five top methods of going about setting up short-term goals in life:

(1) Break up your target into multiple short-term goals with time limit

Think of your ultimate target and the roads that lead the way to it. Break it up into as many halting points as you like and feel comfortable about reaching those. You can always consult somebody who has already achieved such a target and ask for his or her advice towards accomplishing it. Fix a time limit for each short-term goal that feels reasonable to you and is enough for you to achieve a short-term goal in time without feeling added pressure. Be absolutely honest with yourself in this regard or else you'd only be cheating yourself. You can jot down the details on a personal diary so that you never lose track of your ultimate target.

(2) Take one short-term goal at a time

Take one short-term goal at a time and see what hurdle is immediately in front of you. Commonly many people take on multiple tasks to perform without analyzing that whether they are at all ready to take on the challenges of doing multiple tasks at a time and still produce better performance and land flat on their face. Don't overweigh yourself with multiple tasks it will downgrade your performance as has been seen in numerous cases and eventually you might have to call quits as well. So it is very important to focus on only one short-term goal. Keep it to yourself and don't bother no matter how trivial the hurdle might appear primarily as the accomplishment of that one short-term goal will do wonders for your confidence.

(3) Don't worry about the fear of failure

Don't think about failure and don't be weighed down by the fear of failure. Failure comes in the way of every success and there is no exception in this regard but what matters the most in not success or failure but giving what you do a whole-hearted try. At the end of the day you can feel satisfied by knowing that you tried your best and if your best was not good enough for the job then you can always find another job that suits your profile. Remember one thing, failure is not in failing to do something rather it is the failure in not trying to do something. If you keep trying hard then you are bound to succeed at some point of time.

(4) Feel happy about your accomplishments

When you have accomplished your first short-term goal within the fixed time limit then feel happy and confident about it that you are one step closer to your desired final destination in life. Don't forget to mark it as completed in the diary, which will keep ensuring yourself that you can do it, if you feel doubtful at all in going about completing the other short-term goals. Just the happiness and enthusiasm of completing one short-term goal will boost your confidence enough to go about completing the other short-term goals as well and step-by-step you will head towards your target.

(5) Don't rush through the process of completing short-term goals

Don't rush through the process of completing your short-term goals for reaching the ultimate desired target. It will put excessive pressure on you and as a result of it you will feel weighed down by it and even might falter in the task. Just take it easy and do it in a relaxed manner. Once you feel confident enough you can always reduce the time limit but rushing through will hamper the continuous flow of your steady progress in heading towards the desired target. So go about completing one short-term goal after another in a nice relaxed manner, within a reasonable time frame and enjoy the task as you go about doing it.

The above mentioned five extremely important methods will surely help you immensely in designing apt short-term goals in your life that will propel you towards your desired target in a happy and confident manner and simultaneously you can lead your normal life as well. By completing the short-term goals you will also discover the rejuvenated self-esteem within yourself that will benefit you in your future life as well in dealing with other tougher challenges.

Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 12/29/2011    Points:1    

Right said, doing one thing at a time avoid so much of hassle and confusion at work and improves the efficiency in work.

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