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Present way of education in India

December 26, 2011  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 870

In this article, I have mentioned that how unemployment is increased in India and on what factors this unemployment is depended that I have presented in this article.


Strategies that followed by educational institutions in India:

In India, number of graduates from different streams come out from universities are large in number. But, their skills are not enough accrued during their academic experience. During study, students focussed their concentration to complete the theory papers in more percentage. Only marks they preferred in theory papers. But, come to practical purpose, those students have not enough knowledge. I would like to give a simple example that a science graduate after his completed degree, can he use his subject in an application mode to live with it? Graduation is simply become qualification but not as making a self employment.

The following factors cause students become unskilled persons.
1. Students are going in normal path.
2. Government is not in position to provide jobs for the qualification of degrees.
3. Professional courses are not given much importance.
4. Poverty of students causes their backward in education.

1. Students are going in normal path:

Due to neglect and disinterest, most of students would like to join any degree to complete. They do not think which course will be useful for their bright future. In such way, those students are wasting their time doing unnecessary degrees that are not useful for present trend.

2. Professional courses are not given much importance:

Government gives funds to graduate and post graduate colleges compared with professional ones. So, these professional colleges would not like to join all the students in those colleges because of economic backward and demerit of students. So, most of graduates depend upon government and private institutions to get employment.

3. Government is not in position to provide jobs for the qualification of degrees:

For particular degree, related jobs are not provided by the government. We can find different courses under graduation. But for particular course, suitable jobs are not provided. For example, for microbiology degree, for which there are no vacancies in government sector. Only few laboratories provide employment to such courses.

4. Poverty of students causes their backward in education:

Today education becomes business so that a poor student could not afford to learn professional courses. Economically backward students suffer more and more to get professional degrees. Albeit, there is reservation for backward castes in IITs, but, to get coaching for IIT entrance examination, it becomes expensive.


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