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Repair MDB files in order to view the Access database

December 26, 2011  by: sambeeton  Points: 12   Category: Software    Views: 481

The article is all about the detailed study of corruption issues that occur with MS Access database files. The article also summarizes the possible solutions that could be opted for repairing corrupt MDB files.


MS Access is known as the simplest form of database which provides easy to use facility for database creation. Owing to its user friendly interface, millions of users find it suitable application for creating database. If you are a regular user of Access, the data in the Access files will keep on growing. Since, MS Access stores everything in MDB files; the number of MDB files considerably increases with the increase in Access databases. Though you continue to delete some objects as you work on the database, but Access does not delete the files actually, the files are only moved temporarily. Moreover, if the objects are permanently deleted, the free space does not let the user to make much efficient use thereof. This growth in the MDB files may truly affect the storage leading to the risk of database corruption.

A file can become corrupt in the following three situations:

1.Interrupted write operation

To avoid database corruption, you should always close the Access database application properly. You can close it by simply pressing Exit button or Close on the file menu. If you abruptly shut down your system without closing the database, the probabilities are that Jet database engine may mark the database as suspect or corrupt. Situations like disk drive malfunction, power fluctuations, data collision across network lead to the corruption in the database.

2.Faulty networking hardware

If the system where the database is open or running has faulty hardware, then chances of corruption in the database files are quite higher. In such situations, you cannot repair MDB files with simply repairing the Jet database engine. Your files are unsafe until you fix the hardware issue.

3.Opening and saving MDB file in another program

You cannot recover a file which was opened and saved in different applications like MS Word or Excel file. If you try to open the file, the file becomes corrupt and various unfamiliar characters appear on the screen.

How can you prevent corruption in MDB files?

You can keep your MDB files in good health by yourself also. In order to save your time from MDB repair process you must observe the following measures:

Avoid losing power or dropping network connections when a database performs write function

During programming, close all DAO, ADO objects which you have opened

Compact the database often

Avoid large number of consecutive open and close operations

In order to overcome corruption issues in Access database due to constant use and growth in size of the file, you can use the inbuilt Compact utility. You should have the practice of running this utility on regular basis, so that size of the database rests at manageable level and also lets you to use the available space in a better manner. This technique also ensures that the performance of Access is not compromised.

RecoveryFix for Access Repair is a competent MDB viewer software that efficiently repairs all corrupted or damaged MDB files. With this software, it is possible to view all the table structures as well as query interfaces of the recovered MDB files.

For more info please visit :- http://www.mdbviewer.com/


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