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Five Fruits That Tempted Even Gods

December 26, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Others    Views: 510

Fruits are sensuous. They tempt everyone with their color and taste. Here are some fruits that tempted even Gods.


Fruits are sensuous. They have powerful colors to attract our eyes and attention. They fill the atmosphere with aromas that pull our olfactory nerves and kindle our taste buds. Fruits tempt us with their delicious nature. It is quite interesting to read about incidents and legends of disputes that were caused by fruits. Every civilization and religion has such stories.

The Fruit of Knowledge that Tempted Eve

In the Holy Bible, Adam and Eve are said to be like God and they conversed and walked with God freely before they succumbed to the incident with the fruit of temptation. "The woman saw that the fruit was good to eat, and pleasant to the eyes, and ideal for gaining knowledge. She took its fruit and ate it and gave some to her husband who was with her. He ate it."(Genesis 3:6) I need not narrate this story further as it is known to everyone.

The Fruit of Knowledge that tempted Lord Murugan of Hinduism

This is a Hindu mythological story about the children of Lord Siva and Parvathi, his consort. A, fruit of knowledge was the cause of dispute between Lord Vinayagan and Lord Murugan, the deity Children of Lord Siva, the Creator of everything. Naratha , the mediator God, brought a fruit to Lord Siva. Both of the deity children claimed to have the fruit in whole and both fought for not dividing it. Lord Siva proposed a plan to solve which both of the children agreed. The condition to get the fruit was, "The one who goes around all the creations and comes first will have the fruit". Immediately both set out to fulfill the condition and claim the fruit. Lord Murugan, the younger, set out to go around all the creations. Lord Vinayagan, the elder who is seen with the elephant trunk face, walked around his parents, Lord Siva and Parvathi, saying that if he went round the creator it equals to going around all the creations. All the gods accepted his wisdom and decided that the fruit could be given to Lord Vinayagan. When Lord Murugan returned after his tour around the creations, he was annoyed to find that the fruit is already given and so he left home to dwell on a hill. That is why we find that even today Lord Murugan's temples are built on hills and mountains. All because of one fruit!

Strawberry and the Greek Goddess Aphrodite

Greek mythology is filled with stories of fruits of temptation. One of such stories narrates about strawberries tempting gods and men. It describes about the origin of the wild strawberry with the Goddess Aphrodite, who loved a handsome mortal called Adonis, upon whose death Goddess Aphrodite wept with such passion that her tears fell to the ground as small red hearts, which formed strawberries. No wonder that strawberries became known as the fruits of temptation and seduction.

Tempting Fruits of Roman Mythology

In Roman mythological stories, fig fruits are said to be seductive fruits for sexual desire. They are associated with Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and drunkenness. Fig fruits were considered to kindle sexual desire.

The Fruit that Tempted Lord Jesus

In the New Testament we find the incident of Jesus cursing the fig tree as there was no fruit in it. "When they were leaving Bethany, he (Jesus) felt hungry" (Mark 11:12) He was tempted to eat fruit of fig. "In the distance he noticed a fig tree covered with leaves, so he went to see if he could find anything on it"(Mark 11: 13). But there was no fruit on the tree and the temptation to eat ended in the cursing of that tree.



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