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The Light That The Star Of Bethlehem Brings

December 26, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 508

A star guided three wise men from the eastern countries to the new born baby at Bethlehem. World hoped that the Messiah would liberate people from all bonds and lead to real happiness.


When the hearts are sad and minds are numb
And happiness folds its wings;
When the world around looks gray and grim
We need the hope that Jesus brings!

When people fight and hatred reigns
In nations and their kings;
When none can help them all through life
They need the peace that Jesus brings!

When I am hurt by cruel hands and tongues
And a cruel action that stings;
When none can soothe me and calm my mind
I need the light that Jesus brings!

If hearts are full of greed and lust
And hate and such-like things;
When we look around for some comfort
We need the peace that Jesus brings!

In wealth and fancies I seek some pleasure
Tasting dishes I seek for joy!
But nothing gives me a pleasant for sure
Can it be through what Jesus brings?

My days are dark and hopeless nights
I look for happy moments in vain
Running here and there I stumble
I fall in failure and Slain

God gives me life, health and friendship

A mind to think and a voice to sing,

But the gift I value most of all

Is the gracious hope that Jesus brings!

But where to find this Prince of Light?
To probe the evil in deep that clings
I seek him there in that hillside crib
To fill me with the light that Jesus brings!



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