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Seven World Wonders of Jenny

December 27, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: People    Views: 628

We know the latest list of the seven wonders of the world. Different wonders have been attracting the world in different times. But Jenny, the nine year old little girl, has a different view.


"Now, children, you can answer the question given to you," the teacher Ms. Julie gave the green signal to the children to start writing.

"Oh, easy," with winning smiles on their faces the students of fourth grade began writing. The teacher was also much elated at their enthusiasm. Sure it was an easy question! All the children knew the answer. In no time they can finish their answer sheet and hand them over to Ms. Julie. She was watching the children writing.

"But what happened to this Jenny today?" Jenny was in deep thought. She wasn't writing anything. Ms. Julie couldn't guess any reason. An easy question. All the children are writing at the maximum speed.

But Jenny?!? Jenny the best student of fourth grade!

"There should be some strange reason!" thought Ms. Julie. And she was correct.

"What are the seven wonders of the world?" was the question. Ms. Julie had already taught the answers to the question and all of them know the answer by heart.

Just a few minutes ago, Shellie recited the list of the seven world wonders. From the Pyramid in Egypt, Taj Mahal in Agra, the great wall of China and the Pizza tower to the new addition of Christ's statue at Rio de Jeneiro, Shellie could recite very easily.

But this Jenny is still in deep thought with her eyes closed like a sage in meditation! The allotted time for writing the answer is going to be over. Only a few minutes left!

The previous day Ms. Julie had taught them a story from the epic Mahabharata. The story had flashed in Jenny's memory and was creating ripples.

"What is the greatest wonder of the world?" asked Dharmaraja, father of Yadishtra, to test the ascetic experience of Yadishtra who was in exiled forest life.

Yadishtra answered readily, "The greatest wonder of the world is to find people living as if they are immortal and would live eternally, even tough they see so may people die daily."

"Yes, what the teacher told is true," thought the little brain of Jenny. "We see daily so many people die , still we are not bothered and we live as if we are going to live for ever without death!" reflected Jenny.

"Children , only five minutes more. Finish your answers," Ms. Julie warned the class, with a queer look at Jenny.

Coming out of her imaginary world with a sudden jerk, Jenny began to scribble something in a hurry. She didn't want to lose the battle. Just like the hare that ran after the tortoise in the race, Jenny was drafting something in her answer sheet.

An inquisitive smile spread on Ms. Julie's face.

"What else could be her answer?" she was wondering with so many lightning hypotheses occupying her mind. Her excitement was growing more and more as time was trickling.

"Now time is up, children pass on your answer sheets please."

Jenny was fast in her last minute dash! She was worried if her teacher would disappointed if she didn't write anything. She had always been prompt in her duties.

All he answer sheets reached Ms. Julie's hands.

She was more excited about Jenny's answers than the students' eagerness to know the results of their answers!

She couldn't control her eyes from glancing Jenny's answers. As her eyes dashed through the beautiful letters of little Jenny, her pedagogical heart was brimming with smiles of wonder!

"This little Jenny could find such wonderful things in the world! Or who cares all these wonders?" Ms. Julie's thoughts began to fly fast like a spinning spindle.

There are so many wonders in the world. Last year seven wonders were declared as "new seven wonders". Ms. Julie expected Jenny would have written some of the wonders that have been considered as wonders of the world during all these centuries. But her answer was different! She didn't mention anything about the traditional wonders of the world. The teacher wondered how can this little heart be enlightened so much.

The thoughtful words of Walt Straitif flashed in her mind!

"In the eyes of the child there are not seven, but there are millions of wonders!"

We come across so many wonders even more wonderful than the selected seven wonders, but we never realize them.

Ms. Julie once again went through the seven wonders listed by Jenny.

"The wonderful sight we have through our eyes; our hearing power; the wonder of our tasting tongue; the powerful smelling nose; our sensation of touch; our ability to laugh and smile with all our heart; and above all our ability to love others"

Sure, they are matchless wonders of our life!


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