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Adieu From the Sweet Honey Bees

December 27, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Environment    Views: 734

Bees have ever been the greatest friend of nature helping vegetation. But it is a very disheartening sign that the bees are vanishing at an alarming speed due to various reasons.


Bees have ever been the greatest friend of nature helping vegetation. But it is a very disheartening sign that the bees are vanishing at an alarming speed due to various reasons. Unless it is checked immediately and we provide life for the bees, it is surely going to be the early death toll for the whole humanity.

Honey, our sweetest boon

Honey, as we address the sweetest persons of our love, by its name itself is "manufactured" in the nature's most efficient factory, the beehive. Bees are the nature's best workers which toil tirelessly to feed humanity with their sweet honey and also cause pollination of plants.

Bees the hardest workers

It may be a surprising fact that the bees have to travel as far as 50,000 to 60,000 miles and visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar just to produce a pound of honey. No doubt that the honeybees are the insects most important to the production of human food. As we know the honey bees are responsible for pollinating trillions of dollar worth of crops each year. Scientists have found out that more than 90 fruits and vegetables worldwide depend on the bees for pollination.

Alarming siren of disappearing bees

Recently the alarming bells sounded in the United States and the European countries lamenting over the shrunk of the bees. The colonies of bees began to collapse all of a sudden causing more than one fourth of the colonies in the whole of the US and Europe within a very short period. Agriculture was put in a very great peril warning the scientists and politicians. Researches rightly warned that if this trend continues it may spell the doom for agriculture, as more than 80 per cent of it depends upon the humble pollinator-the bee.

Reasons for Bee Colony Collapse

Now the world at large has begun to worry seriously at the demise of the bees. Though it was noticed only in 2004, bees count has been steadily going down during the past decades. The speed at which adult bees began to disappear from their hives caused great alarm all over the world only recently.

Bee ecology expert and University of Florida professor Jamie Ellis said earlier this year Ecologists and scientists are still working hard to decipher the reasons for the collapse of colonies. The main reasons stated for their collapse are:

1) The genetic weakness bred into the body of bees over time through the modified crops

2) The pathogens spread by parasites

3) The effects of pesticides and pollutants used profusely by modern methods of agriculture

4) Electromagnetic frequency emitted by the cellular phone towers and high-voltage transmission lines cause the rapid disappearance of the bee colonies. The buzz from the cell phones leads to the reduction in colony size.

Unless we pay heed to the signs of the time and save the bee world poverty and hunger will still worsen the human life. It is already high time for the whole humanity to come together as a single family to protect the bees with the greatest concern.



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