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Five Famous Warriors with Poetic Hearts

December 27, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Social Studies    Views: 633

We are struck with wonder at the bravest warriors of history are sometimes talented poets filled with love and affection. They fight with their flashing blades in the battlefield; but some of them had most tender hearts to pour out their love in verses.


History records many heroes, who were ferocious warriors in the battlefields. World trembled at their piercing looks. They plundered and pillaged to subdue kingdoms of their ambition. Victory was their dream for which they hardened their hearts. But world wondered when they happened to find their hearts tender and flowing, poured in verses of poetic lines.

1) David, the King of Israel, from Whose Poetic Heart flow the Psalms

David, the King of Israel, subdued the Philistines and made himself a name when he returned from killing eighteen thousand Syrians in the Valley of Salt. He established golden rule winning over all those were against the Israel. He put garrisons in Edom and all the Edomites became David's servants. God was with him and preserved David wherever he went.

2) King James the First of England

Being a great warrior, King James the first became the monarch to unite Scotland, England and Ireland into Great Britain, as he himself liked to call it. But poetry was in his blood from his tender days. In his early days he learned to appreciate poetry. James was encouraged to read mostly Latin and Greek books and he delved deeply into his mother's library of French verse and romances. He showed great interest in plays, including those of Shakespeare and Johnson. James's poetry was competent, and sometimes he managed a striking line or two. Some of his best poems were sonnets. It was this poetic heart that encouraged him in the translation of the Holy Bible into English.

3) Valor and Verse Creation of the Indian King Krishna Devaraya

His sword won kingdoms; and his pen won every heart that loved literary beauty. He subdued local rulers of Kondavidu and Velamas, seized lands up to the Krishna River and established a strong kingdom in the heart of India. He defeated the Gajapatis of Orissa who were in occupying the region between Gotavari and Krishna rivers. Waging war was his favorite art. But his heart longed for poetry and literature. Krishna Devaraya wrote the poetic work in Telugu called Amuktamalyada, beautifully describing the pangs of separation suffered by Andal from Lord Krishna in beautiful verses.

4) Babur, the founder of Mogul Empire

Who can expect a poet's heart from a warrior who could traverse a thousand miles to keep aloft the family banner, yet just long for the simple joys of Samarkand fruits? Following the steps of Timur, Babur became the chosen man of destiny to establish the glory of the Moguls. Babur's own version Babur Nama depicts the poetic heart of this great warrior. The words which he used to bring out the father-son and the mother-son relationship keep us awestruck at his tender poetic heart. It is that poetic and loving heart that made him sacrifice his own life for the sake of his son.

5) A Poetic Heart that Brought the World under His Feet

The whole world shuddered at the furious skill of Napoleon Bonaparte. History describes his talented warfare. The Great British Empire, where the sun did not set, had to struggle hard to check his unbreakable marches. But his lips, which uttered commands that shook all Europe, sang the moving verses of love. His poems of love, especially pouring his heart to his beloved Josephine, are immortal. Even when he was nailed to the rocks of St. Helena his poetic heart sang verses.

Above are just a few examples of the hearts that showed the hidden poetic side of those heroic warriors who could change the destiny of the world.



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