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Begin the New Year with A Drink of Camel Milk

December 27, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 30   Category: Health    Views: 1391

New Year Day is at hand. Dreams and resolutions for better living fill our minds with fresh ideas. Begin this New Year with a drink of camel milk which is a powerful tonic to provide fresh energy.


From time immemorial, the ponderous and serious-looking camel has remained an integral and colorful part of the arid lands spread across Asia and Africa. Milk of this legendary 'ship desert' is a powerful tonic against many diseases. People who are aware of this rich milk are turning to this multi-beneficial elixir. Significantly, camel milk is considered an aphrodisiac that can boost the life energy.

According to the studies of FAO, in rain-fed agricultural systems, the camel is a better producer of milk than any other domestic animal. It is a better producer of food than the cow, which is seriously affected by heat and scarcity of water. Moreover, in times of drought, when cows stop producing milk, the camel can still yield 3-10 liters of milk a day!

Ten health benefits of camel milk

1) Highly nutritious

Camel milk is more nutritious than cow milk. It is three times as rich in Vitamins B and C as cow's milk. It contains only 2% fat and has more unsaturated fatty acids and also has 10 times more iron than cow's milk. Lactose is present in concentrations of 4.8 % but is easily metabolized by those suffering from lactose intolerance.

2) Equal to mother's breast milk

Camel milk is the only milk closest one to the human mother's milk. Hence human bodies not only tolerate it well, but also can thrive on it. Hence in the West Asian and African countries they normally prescribe camel milk for the convalescing patients.

3) Camel milk remains fresh for longer period

Camel milk remains fresh for more than 4 hours, whereas its counterpart (cow milk) lasts only for 12 hours. Antibacterial and anti fungal compounds slow it from turning sour. So it can be used for a longer time.

4) More immune

Camel milk has more immunity power. It contains many antibodies which help fight serious diseases like cancer, HIV/Aids, Alzheimer's disease and hepatitis B. Camel milk colostrums have superior nutritional value than other forms of milks. It contains immune boosters for convalescing patients and sufferers of nutrient deficiencies.

5) A boon to diabetic patients

Camel milk contains an insulin-like protein that survives the digestive tract and is very beneficial to people with certain forms of diabetes. This protein and other factors have a positive effect on the immunity of diabetic patients.

6) High water level

Camel milk's water volume is very high and has the power to prevent dehydration. Even during the dry periods this milk becomes less palatable with increased content of sodium and phosphate and decreased level of calcium and magnesium.

7) Healing many diseases

Bedouins treat many diseases and disorders with camel milk, disorders ranging from osteoporosis, rickets, hepatitis, digestive ulcers, spleen problems, TB, asthma, respiratory disorders to controlling of heart beat, hypertension and diabetes.

8) Controls heart diseases

It has been revealed that the cholesterol in camel milk is lower than cow or any other milk. Regular intake of camel milk helps to control blood sugar level and helps in reducing coronary heart disease.

9) Used for skin beauty

Camel milk is a natural source of Alpha-Hydroxyl acids which are known to serve as a natural beautician to plump the skin and smooth fine lines. Camel milk soap, available in markets today, provides the most luxurious bath experience.

10) A powerful and natural Viagra

In North India, especially in Rajasthan State, camel milk is used as an aphrodisiac drink. Men drinking this milk can have increased virility even in their advanced old age!

Enjoy the New Year Day with a drink of camel milk

Camel milk is traditional milk and is drunk widely across the Arab world. Globalization and commercialism have made camel milk available all over the world. West Asian and African countries export camel milk in large quantity. The demand or camel milk is rapidly picking up in the modern consumerist culture.

Why not you begin this New Year with a drink of camel milk so that it may bring you the luck of a healthy year?


Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 02/11/2012        

great points are given. thanks
Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 05/23/2012    Points:6    

I think it is the natural property of milk which makes it such an attractive drink. Regardless of the source (animal or human) Milk is the greatest gift given to mammals. Babies of all the animals, including human, are completely dependent on milk in the early stages of their life. This is the time when they are highly sensitive and susceptible to diseases.

I find this article very informative and interesting. I knew that camel milk was used as an aphrodisiac and it is a common practice to drink it in the state of Rajasthan. I have heard that people drink milk from Goat too as it also has immune boosting and healing properties. I am sure that milk from every animal (mammal) is highly nutrious and growth promoting. It has to be otherwise it fails its purpose of being the complete food for the newly born.

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