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Begin the New Year with Smoke-free Lungs

December 27, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 919

Another year is at hand. Many people who were on this earth on the beginning day of this year are not alive today to see the beginning of the New Year. Smoking had been the monster to steal away their lives. Many people are still addicted to smoking habit. Why not begin this New Year with healthy lungs?


Even though all the people know the health risks of smoking, it is difficult for many of them to quit the habit of smoking. Most of them in heart want to stop smoking. But they just keep on postponing their effort to stop it once for all. Beginning of a New Year is a great occasion for many of the smoking people to stop smoking and replace it with other healthy habits.

Motivation is very important

Motivation is needed not only to the smoking person but also to those who are around him. The smoker should realize well the adverse effects of smoking habit. It is harmful and can cause irreparable damage to his/her body, even to the point of causing death. that should motivate him well to stop smoking, in spite of the mean pleasure it may give. True friends welcome this resolution to quit smoking and would support it in every way, including motivating the smoking person. Friends and family people also should be motivated so that they will protect the person from temptations and occasional falls. They will help the addict person manage his cravings.

Difficulty in stopping smoking

The main reason that prevents a person from withdraw from that addiction is the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms and cravings that arise. Nicotine from cigarettes or tobacco provides a temporary and addictive pleasure feeling that makes it an uncontrollable ritual. Elimination from this ritual may certainly cause great difficulty. But if the person holds his resolution strong and manages to replace the craving with other healthy habits this habit will come under control.

Avoid situations that stimulate the craving

Most of the smokers go for this habit to manage unpleasant feelings such as stress, depression, loneliness, fear, and anxiety. They think that smoking can temporarily make their feelings depression or boredom evaporate into air and keep them relieved for sometime. they forget the serious consequences of the deadly habit. It is at this time the family or community can help the person with proper motivation and support by avoiding the situations that induce the habit.

Tips to manage craving to smoke

1) Drink some juice. Nicotine provides an immediate release of sugar that gives a feeling of relief. When smoking is stopped the body may feel restless lacking sugar release. Hence it should be replaced by drinking some juice until the body adjusts to the sugar levels.

2) Light meals such as eating desserts, fruits, etc. may give relief from craving.

3) Avoid people or situations that suggest smoking. New situations and supporting people will help quitting smoking.

4) Change of habits has much to do in stopping smoking. Exercises, meditation, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises are some of the replacing activities.

Take quitting smoking as a challenge that can bring you great success. Never postpone. This is the right occasion. Keep away smoke from your lungs on the New Year Day.


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