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Classification of thinking way of the people

December 29, 2011  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 363

In this article, I have explained about the way of thinking by the people. I have also presented the thinking way by classifying into three categories.


Thinking ways of the people:

We come across different great people in different approaches of thinking. According to me, there are three ways that peoples' thoughts in regarding to their life. The following school of thoughts that every person habituate from his childhood.
1. Idealism
2. Materialism
3. Naturalism

1. Idealism:

Those who have follow thoughts in idealism, they would like to think about mankind to be always ideal. They follow the ideal principles and making other people also ideal. Gandhiji is an example for idealist because he was descipline in maintaining time. He was punctual in doing any activities which were welfare of the people.

No person thought that peace as a weapon to get freedom for India before Independence. But, Mahatma Gandhi took freedom for India with this weapon. As an idealist, he would expect the future of India that India would become great country in coming time.

2. Materialism:

In Indian history, materialists would not achieve anything in their life. Even after winning many countries, Alexander was deceived in the hands of their people by getting poison from them. In materialism, a person could not believe any thing in this universe. So, for his existence, he could do any harmful activities to mankind. Such things are happened now. Materialists are more in number in present situation. Selffish is the first motive for materialism. This way of thinking is dangerous to the mankind. Maximum number of political leaders with materialistic thinking comes to rule to deceive people in terms of money. An ideal political leader thinks that he has to serve the people without selffish. But, contrary to this accord, present political leaders with thinking of earning more and more comes to rule. So, present political leaders are materialistic persons.

3. Naturalism:

Some people do not think about others and they won't act as selffish. They simply think about nature and its fragrance. I think that most of the writers, novelists are in this way of thinking.Sometimes, this way of thinking may not be useful for the country.

Rabidranath Tagore, a great writer, but with idealistic thinking he made national anthem. His idealism was proved when he abhorred his 'Sir' reward given by British people. From this, we can say that some great people have mixed way of thinking. Come to scientists, their thinking is only permitted to materialism, but unexpectedly that will be useful to mankind. Those scientists would not expect that their inventories would be useful for mankind.


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