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Ten Tips To Care Your Diabetic Feet

December 29, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 30   Category: Health    Views: 1140

Diabetes is rapidly spreading all over the world. It is spreading like an epidemic in developing countries. The changing life styles, more sedentary work, lack of exercise, uncontrolled diet are some of the reasons for this sudden onset.


Diabetes is the new epidemic of the twenty-first century enveloping the developing countries, India in particular. The latest statistics say that there are 35 million people with diabetes only in India . These figures also imply that vast majority of the diabetic patients have complications related to this disease.
A drastic change in lifestyle, lack of exercises and no control over diet are the main reasons for rapid rise in diabetes in India .

Diabetics develop ulcer that leads to amputation

Diabetic patients develop many other complications to diabetes. People who have this disease should be very careful about injuries, scratches or blisters that may occur in their body. Most of the diabetic patients develop these small scratches into serious ulcers. Normally they are careless when they occur on leg or hand. But they may develop into serious ulcer in course of time may cause amputation of leg or hand.

Ulcer in diabetic patients

Normally dressings and the use of anti-biotic will heal ulcer completely. But in these diabetic patients, these ulcers, particularly in leg, often do not respond to these treatments. Most of the patients are careless about this condition and they lose their legs due to ignorance.

Care of feet is very important to the diabetic patients. Since they lack sensitivity in their limbs due to neuropathy, they never feel sensation or pain in their limbs which cause further problems.

Ten tips to care your feet

1) Regular Check up

85% of diabetic related amputations start with foot ulcer. Hence a medical check up of the limbs is very important for the diabetic patients. If the blood circulation to the leg area is decreasing, the doctor will give prescriptions to prevent further complications.

2) Keep blood sugar under control

Oral drugs or insulin injections should be administered to keep blood sugar level under control. Regular exercise, diet under the supervision of the doctor and consultation with the doctor should be a part of daily life.

3) Never walk barefoot

Even inside the house you should wear socks to protect your feet. This is necessary to prevent foot injuries. Keep them warm and never expose them to extreme cold. Never expose your feet and toes to outside injuries. Use of silicon insole inside the shoes may help to prevent injuries. Walking is an essential exercise for the diabetic patients. But care must be taken not to injure feet or toes.

4) Keep your feet dry and clean

Never allow moisture or water to remain between your toes. Keep your feet and toes dry and clean. Change the socks at least every alternate day. It is advisable to clean feet and toes twice a day with methylated spirit.

5) Beware of infection

Chronic infection in the foot ulcer ultimately leads to amputation of a toe or the whole foot. This high risk should be properly checked with due medication.

6) Inspect your feet daily

Check your feet daily and see if there is any abrasion or blister or any thickened skin. Never ignore if there is any injury, even if it is very minor.

7) Avoid tight shoes

If the shoes are tight they will be uncomfortable and may cause blisters. Some shoes may bite your feet. Shoes you wear should be soft and comfortable, without any pressure on your feet.

8) Smoking is injurious to feet

Smoking is dangerous. It is quite injurious to diabetic patients. Tobacco, used in any form, will endanger your feet.

9) Obesity is dangerous to your feet

Weight should be checked up regularly. Increase in weight and obesity will add burden to your feet which are holding you. Since obesity is harmful to your legs and feet, avoid weight-gaining food stuffs, especially fat and cholesterol-rich ones. High level of blood cholesterol will clot the arteries and reduce blood flow to the legs. Exercises and walking may help to avoid obesity.

10) Do not cut nails deep

Shaving off the corn, if there is any, or cutting the nails very deep may lead to painless minor injury which is very dangerous for a diabetic patient.


Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 01/02/2012    Points:1    

Right said Paulose, foot care is very important to avoid foot injury and also major complications of foot injury in diabetic patients.

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