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Seven Reasons to Appraise Your First Job

December 29, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 493

Your job decides your life. Your first job is a crucial one in guiding you in your career. Today, job hunting has become a race of luck. Choosing a right career and a right job are challenges that modern young generation faces.


Population explosion, formidable unemployment problem, anxiety to grab any job that comes across and overflow of candidates in job market have become great challenges of the young people of modern times in choosing a right job. Unemployment has become a universal problem due to recession and changing global economy.
Factors that decide choosing a job

Various factors like education, knowledge, individual abilities and talents, technical skills and training and ones own interest and commitment are the deciding factors of choosing a career and job. Heavy competition in finding jobs compel our educated graduates to work in areas unrelated to their abilities, interest and education. But only by choosing the right job in the beginning itself, one can carry on a life of success.

How to take a right step forward in choosing the right job in the beginning itself? The following tips can help zealous and motivated youngsters in choosing the right job as the first one.

Seven Reasons to Appraise Your First Job

1) Self-appraisal of skills

This is a very important step as one should be aware of his own limits. First you should have a self-study about your goals and ambitions in life. You should also be aware how far your talents, skills and interests will enable you to move towards those goals. Your physical, mental, psychological limitations and special skills also should be considered.

2) Conduct some researches

You may have a research in collecting information about job market suitable to your skills and education. It may help you to equip yourself with the education required, training you have to undergo, and the prospects of your choice. It can give you an idea of future opportunities of your choice.

3) Search for possibilities

When you are aware of your own skills and limitations, you can match them with the possible career opportunities. World is full of different careers, jobs and opportunities that require special skills and training that you have. The world of choices certainly gives you a lot more options. Match them with your talents and skills and find out which one satisfies you the most.

4) Speak with qualified people

Career advice centers, qualified and experienced managers of companies and people who are already in the field that falls as your choice can help you and clarify you in your choice. Though it may take some time, it can help you to choose the right job as your first step.

5) Find out real situations of your information

While collecting information and speaking with qualified people you can find out the real situation of job market. The real picture of situations will help you a lot in analyzing the pros and cons of your information and enable you in choosing a right job that can satisfy you.

6) Make use of opportunities

Today, many colleges and universities have come forward to conduct counseling centers that help people like you. You can make use of them for your choice in the right direction.

7) Have knowledge about different fields

The windows of success are wide open and many do not look into them. It is not good to run with the leather visors of a horse not knowing about other things. There may be chances that suit you better in other areas if you have information about them. Hence gaining knowledge in different fields is important in the initial stage.



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