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Lion's Roaring Changed Into Moaning

December 29, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 549

The lion roared at me ferociously. I was the frightened goat in our 'lion and goat' game. Suddenly I was shocked to hear the moaning of the lion. I was wondering what made the change.


The month of October never fails to bring me the Dussara celebration memories of Mysore along with the roaring lion incident. I was just five and my cousin Mani was six. He is the son of my uncle. Every year we used to go to my uncle's house in Mysore during the Dussara season. It is the most famous festival of Karnataka. It is celebrated in other parts of India as Pooja festival, Ayudha Pooja and Vijayadasami.
In those days, Karnataka was under the rule of a king and Mysore was his capital. It is the royal festival of Karnataka. This festival is celebrated by people of all religions in the area with great gala and gay. The decorations of Karnataka and cultural programs held during these days are worth seeing. Every year I will be anxiously counting the days to visit my uncle's house, to see all my family relatives there, and to play with my cousins.

It was just the previous day of the festival. My mom was busy in the kitchen helping my aunt in preparing sweets for the festival. Mani suggested a game of 'lion and goat'. That was his favorite game. Always he will be the lion. He will chase me and catch me. He would roar like a lion and pounce on me. I have to bleat like a goat. The hall in the upstairs with its two cots would be the forest.

As usual, Mani occupied the corner of one cot that served as lion's den and roared ferociously at the top of his voice. At his direction I bleated like a timid goat from the other cot which was my hiding tree. I had to run and escape from his preying. I ran down the stairs and hid myself behind a cup-board in the parlor. I could hear the roaring of the lion still following me. Soon I heard the sound near me as the lion leapt from the steps of the stairs to catch me.

It was suddenly that the roaring changed into a piteous wail. It was so loud that everybody in the rooms rushed to the spot to see the chasing lion fallen straight on the floor.

I guessed something unusual had happened and I would be punished. Slowly I came out of my hiding place to see 'my lion' at the peak of his moaning. My aunt was there in tears. My mom was trying to take Mani.

"There should be a fracture," my grandma said.

"Take him to the Ortho," my mom suggested. She turned towards me as if I had pushed him down.

"No mom, he ran fast and fell. I didn't know anything," I defended myself.

"Something really serious had happened and the greedy lion should have been punished by God" My grandma's remark that God always punishes the greedy made me think so.

"I shall take him to the bone setter. He will be alright soon," my uncle took him on his shoulder and set out to the bone setter. In those days local bone setters did this business very well with some massaging and ointments. They fixed broken bones easily with their ancient medications. They did not use any exotic smelling pads on the nose for bone settings as they do now. They were famous in those days. Nowadays the changing modern life has made people in India to look for western treatments. They have rather forgotten and neglected the valuable medicinal systems of ancient India.

Mani and his father returned after three hours. I looked at 'my lion' with great pity. He had a pink oily bandage on his right hand which had been slung on his shoulder. He was given special treatment at home.

He did not go to school for nearly a month. But it stopped all our plays and I had to watch him seriously till I returned home. I could not go out for sightseeing and I could not get any candy from the festival shandy (market). Even today the moaning of 'my lion' brings tears from my eyes.



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