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How to get back the ex relationship.

December 29, 2011  by: befrindwithme26  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 826

Some people had breaking up with the partner for many reason,and even they break up but still in love with and wanted back the relationship again


In relationship there is fight, misunderstanding and others untrustworthy It is a hard work for you to do how can relationship be back And understand that a lot of efforts for you to do, in order to have great, sweet relationship .
Now, there are many ways you can get back the relationship from the person you love the most.
One is let the person be in love with you be attractive and be romantic action and sweet loving. Be positive when he/she around forget the past like negative moments, and smile is happy/joyful.

Second is being careful what to say like negative words and there is a chance that your ex will back.

Third is sharing the lighted hearted thoughts/moments from each other experiences.

Forth understands him/her about the words to say and talk about what you do not like each other so will change it.

Five, you have to be sure, if he/she still care, love, honest to you. Sometimes can't tell but you have to observe on your own and talk about it later.
Six. Ask each other, sharing what you love in every day doing like in general like in sports, friends, you, and family.

Seven, tell him/her that you thinking always in your mind, missing much in time that is not around in home and caring much.

Ten talk each other sharing problems, heartaches, what are the problems that can relate each of you.

Eleven, get yourself clean, you're wearing cloth nails, taking bath etc.

Twelve have an eye look each other holding close near and talk sweet.
And move on all the circumstances that make your relationship fails, break up and fix it.If he/she fired up of something, be humble, be patient and understand it.Be positive, good spirit and have a good heart and if you hurt by it move on, laugh/smile because life is part of pain. Be encourage have fun and around with those friendly fellow.

And relationship can be long if you apply this and there is many ways relationship that will last. If there is break up again, and you see with another boy or girl you can talk with and ask if we are together again?

And if he 'she response and yes just a friend and meet somewhere else for bonding ,and you have another chance to think how you can get him/her again. That is a good sign because there is chance. Be yourself, don't be afraid but be confident. Be honest, truthful and share your feeling and I am sure you will be successful for being a good example and attitude.
Let him/her be again attractive to you, and never tell about you miss him/her just act like you are strong person even there is experiencing for breaking up but you are still. Be matured, not to be shy but show him 'her good actions and so when you both are going to respective places will think that happy, inspiring day of meeting. Remain faithful, do not flirt any one of his/her friends is still as a great person.


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