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Preschool Activities on Rocks & Stones

December 30, 2011  by: ajanta  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 654

The article tells about some interesting and creative activities for the kids using the natural materials like rocks and stones.


Kids are always on the go; especially preschoolers always try to explore new things from the nature. Rocks and stones are one of the best activities which help the preschoolers to learn about the natural materials. This article features some interesting rocks and stones activities for preschoolers:

Stone Garden
You can encourage the preschoolers to hunt for stones and rocks of different sizes and shapes. Ask the kids to clean the rocks and beautify them by painting the rocks with acrylic paint. After painting, let the rocks dry from tip to toe. Then sow some seeds, vegetables and flowers to make a garden. Train the kids to border the garden with the painted rocks. The plants will grow with the time and kids will feel ecstatic to watch them growing.

Decoupage Rock Paperweight
Preschoolers can pick a rock to use it as a paperweight. Let them clean the rock and dry it. Cut out some beautiful pictures from magazines or books and permit the kids to choose a picture which could fit their rock. You can mix equal parts of water and white craft glue to make decoupage gum. Teach the kids about the act of brushing the decoupage glue on the rocks. Explain them by showing them how to paste the picture on the rock and how to brush more glue on the top of that picture. After that, let the stone dry completely. Your paperweight is ready!

Rocks and Stones Sensory Table
With the help of sensory activities, preschoolers can improve their skills to recognize their surroundings more accurately. In that regard, they should be encouraged to craft a sensory table by using any robust container which is able to hold water and other objects. The kids should stuff the sensory table with rocks and stones and add some water or sand to it. You can also give them buckets, shovels and magnifying glasses so that they can explore more.

Rock Mosaic
Go on a walk with the preschoolers and assist them to choose a bucket filled with small stones and rocks. Wash the stones and rocks properly and let them dry. Give a variety of paints to the kids and allow them to dunk the rocks into the paint to cover them completely. Let the rocks dry and subsequently the kids should arrange the rocks into piles by color. Now ask the kids to draw shapes in a design or pattern on a cardboard. Teach them how to paste the rocks with the patterns. Let the rocks dry properly. After drying the rocks you can exhibit the mosaics in the class.


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