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How Pearl S Buck and Churchill got the Prize

December 30, 2011  by: Jay  Points: 12   Category: People  Earning $0.20   Views: 716

How Pearl S Buck and Churchill got the Prize. What went behind the doors? Do Churchill really deserved the Prize.


Pearl Sydenstricker Buck {1892-1973}
When Pearl Sydenstricker Buck's name was proposed in 1938 for the laureate in literature, ten of the eighteen judges opposed her. Dr Osterling, the then Secretary of Swedish Academy with a voting right on literary awards led the opposition from the front while Dr Hedin along with Selma Lagerlof, a laureate in 1909 successfully rallied round Buck.

What is emphasized here is the division in Committee vote was not due to the questionable merits of her works; but because Dr Osterling was eminently prejudiced against Americans. He is reported to have quipped that the Americans do not need Nobel Cheque for they receive more money from Hollywood than the Prize is worth.

And Hedin's support to Buck. Well read on, what he said later ruefully, 'Pearl Buck and her husband published my last book, a biography of Chiank Kai-Shek. They gave me too little money for it, and to think of how I got her the Prize.' This is how the judges deliberate.

Anyway Pearl S Buck got her Prize in 1938 much to the delight of her fans; and her citation read as follows: "for her rich and truly epic descriptions of peasant life in China and for her biographical masterpieces".

How Churchill got the Prize

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill {1874-1965}
Here is one more instance of favoritism. In 1953, the Nobel trustees were anxious to award one of their Prizes to Winston Churchill. But which Prize? They racked their brains, as there is no Prize for Statesmanship. But a peace Prize does exist. And they decided to thrust it on him.

But Churchill after going through the list said, "Thank you very much I would rather not". Churchill pretty well knew it would become a sham if he accepted it, for he was the man who ran all over the world looking for wars, Cuba, Indian frontiers, Sudan and South Africa and thrusting himself into them. And he strode onto the world stage as one of the greatest leader of a nation and an empire at wars that history recorded.

In such circumstances, it is quite natural for the Nobel trustee to have been awed by this giant with an intending desire to honor him with one of their Prizes.

Undaunted by his rejection of Peace Prize they delightfully decided to thrust the literature Prize on him. His citation reads, 'For his mastery in the presentation of history and biography and for the brilliant oratory with which he has stepped forward to the defense of our civilizations'. He won the Prize for his "My Early Life' an account of his youthful adventures.

The 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature
The 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to Tomas Tranströmer of Sweden. The Prize motivation read as "because, through his condensed, translucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality".


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