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New Year Tips for Parents to Teach Teens Responsibility

December 31, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 1209

Teaching responsibility to the growing generation has become a great challenge to the computer era. Negligence in this duty will destroy the whole humanity in future. Everyone, parents and elders, should take a resolution in the New Year to consider this teen responsibility.


Growing teens of modern computer era are slipping away from a responsible life. Shouldering responsibility seems to be an unbearable burden to them. It has become an inevitable duty of modern parents and elders to teach responsibility to the growing preteens and teens.

Modern parents complain about the growing generations

It is common to find elders and parents bemoaning often that their teen children are not as responsible as the previous generations.

They pile up complaints that the modern teens never keep their things in order and maintain their rooms clean and neat. They are not prompt in doing their daily chores. They never care about doing their home work given in their schools. If the parents remind them what they should do, the children get irritated easily.

Trend of the modern teens

Modern teens are easily carried away by the attractions of media. They seem to be always excited. They imitate the noisy pop songs that they enjoy on CD players which have become a part of their life. They are mostly immersed in television or computer. They are more easily influenced by what they see on the monitor screen than what their parents try to instruct them.

Nowadays, parents are also too busy to be patient with their preteen children and they get irritated easily due to their busy life. Their tight schedules keep them away from attending their children. The children seem to be emotionally excited and the parents are mostly pessimistic about their attitudes. They lose their patience which is necessary to bring up the children in the right path.

Tips for parents to teach preteens and teens responsibility

1) Instead of worrying, parents should, first of all, believe in the nature of their children. Worry will cause only more tension and depression and which result in diseases. The first thing they should do is to be patient to their children with the hope that they can be corrected.

2) Preteens can be taught discipline as their age is flexible and can be taught to follow good habits easily. Responsibility should be taught from infancy step by step. Affection should be the weapon and media of teaching at every stage.

3) Before they move to their teenage, children should be placed in the right track. But in most cases, parents begin to worry about how they are going to face the challenges and temptations of their future life. They should have confidence in self-discipline which can be taught in the preteen age.

4) Self-discipline is the ability of doing things oneself and the capability of restraining oneself from things which are not pertaining to a responsible person.

5) For example, children would like to drive a car themselves or try to do things not pertaining to their age. Parents should explain them patiently the adverse effects of doing things before their age. They should be trained to use phone or mobile diligently.

6) Parents and elders should know the talents and passions of the growing children and they should appreciate and encourage them positively. Appreciation is one of the effective means to curtail negative habits.

If the parents think of their children and their trends of growth, they can surely instill responsibility in their preteens and teens easily.



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