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Horopathy, a Tribal Healing System

December 31, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 393

Horopathy is an indigenous medical system of India. It is followed by a tribe called Munda in the Bihar state. It has no side effects and has both curative and preventive effects.


'Horopathy' is an indigenous tribal healing system of India. This tribal medicine is a part of life of the indigenous tribe called "Munda", who are mostly found in Bihar State. Horopathy is a combination of two words, "Horo" and "Pathy.' "Horo" is a Munda word which means "human being" and "Pathy" is a Greek word for "feeling". Perhaps "Homeopathy" came from this word!

The Oldest Medical System

Mundas are said to be the first settlers in India. They did have this system of medicine even in the Indus Valley. Since the Mundas were struggling for their existence, they could not document their system and its knowledge was passed on from one generation to another. It still exists in remote areas where forests thrive, but in a scattered form. Due to the mass destruction of forests, valuable and life-saving drugs are destroyed and the knowledge too is diminishing. This system has no side effects and it is within the reach of a common man.

Method Of This System

The Horopathy healing system is divided into five parts. They are 1. Psychological and physiological contact, 2. Naval and nasal treatment, 3. Acupuncture and cupping, 4. Massaging and 5. Heating with a red -hot hoe.

Tribals believe that diseases may be due to witchcraft or malevolent spirits. Prayers and Manthras are chanted and sacrifices offered. These prayers and Manthras vary from place to place and sect to sect. But in all cases medicines have to follow.

The Phenomenon of Medicine

The phenomenon of this system is that the medicine creates or strengthens the body resistance. When the body gains strength it can fight with the disease. Mostly herbal medicines are given. That is why the danger of side effects is avoided. Due to this type of bodily action, a single medicine cures both negative and positive aspect of the disorder. All the medicines come from the edible tubers, corns, roots, leaves, flowers and other vegetables. Hence there is no fear of side effects.

The Physician is a Trusted Friend

An important aspect of this system is that the physician is not a frightening monster to the patient! The medicine man is from the same tribe, who can be approached easily at any time. Hence he is sympathetic to the patient as well as to his family. He cares for and shares the feelings of the patient and the family. His fee is also reasonable- the actual conveyance charge or a leaf-cup of rice beer! When cured the patient or his family remunerates him honestly in kind or cash. The medicine man is God fearing and sincere to his profession without any greed. He prays before selecting or uprooting medicinal plants, during the preparation of medicine and while administering it to the patient.

Both Curative and Preventative

Horopathy medicinal system has both curative and preventive effects. Hence it can give a holistic healing. The people of the tribe also know much about the medicine about which they are educated. Treatment becomes a sympathetic sharing of the community.

There are many more indigenous systems of medicine which need modern research which may save humanity from hopeless destruction. This can give a solution for the side effects of most of the modern medicines!


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