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Yoga, The Divine Therapy

December 31, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 30   Category: Health    Views: 603

Yoga is a God-given therapy for the safety and welfare of all the human beings. It is a discipline of life to improve or develop one's inherent powers in a well- balanced manner.


Yoga is a God-given therapy for the safety and welfare of all the human beings. There has been a tendency among many to link yoga with the Hindu religious activities since the concepts and practices of Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago. But there is no religious brand with yoga. It is a natural healing given by God by His Great Benevolence just as He provided us with water and air. It is the science of right living and it works on all aspects of human personality- physically, psychologically and spiritually. Yoga is employed as a major therapy in nature.

Yoga for All Diseases

Yoga can cure all diseases if it is followed methodically. It helps mainly to combat psychosomatic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, etc. Yoga therapy has various techniques like asana, meditation, relaxation techniques, spiritual exercises, etc.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a discipline of life to improve or develop one's inherent powers in a well- balanced manner. It offers us the means to reach complete self-realization. The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "Yoke" which means to join or to unite two things. Hence Yoga can be explained as a means for uniting the individual spirit with the universal spirit of God. Patanjali, the main contributor of this science, defines it as the science of suppressing of the modifications of the mind.

The Greatness of Yoga

1.Yoga is a universal practical discipline. It is universal in character for practice and application irrespective of culture, nationality, race, caste, creed, sex, age and physical condition. It is not a therapy of mere text books; rather it is more practical. You need not become an ascetic to practice Yoga as many people think. It is very simple and practical.

2.Yoga has an evolutionary character. It is a process in the development of human consciousness. Blossoming of total conscious evolution does not begin necessarily in any particular man rather it begins only if one chooses it to begin. Human vices like usage of drugs, alcoholism, workaholism, overindulging in sex or other stimulations lead to seek oblivion, a return to unconsciousness. Indian Yogis begin from the point where western psychology of pathology ends. Yoga therapy attempts to push an individual slowly towards his own inner evolution which is the ultimate realization of his potential.

3.Yoga is a soul therapy which gives perfect healing. All paths of Yoga have the healing power to reduce the pains that come in our lives. But one has to get proper guidance from an accomplished expert who has already walked in the same track to reach the ultimate goal.

The Four Principles of Yoga

According to the Indian approach, Yoga has four principles. It is defined in terms of a well set goal and a time-tested means of achieving the same. The four principles of achieving success in life are:

1.The Dharma which means the righteous path
2.The Artha which means the material wealth
3.The Kama which means all our enticements for pleasure
4.The Moksha which means the freedom or liberation which is the ultimate goal of every life. Moksha means bliss or heaven.

The Basic Types of Yoga

The basic types of yoga can be simplified into five.

They are Japa yoga, Karma yoga, Gnana yoga, Bhakthi yoga and Raja yoga. They can be learnt easily with constant practice by anybody.

1.Japa yoga means prayer practice. In order to concentrate one's mind on the Divinity a holy syllable or Manthra like OM, God, Allah, etc. is repeated through recitation.

2.Karma yoga means doing our duties sincerely. It teaches us to perform all our actions without having any desire for their fruit. It considers one's duty as divine action and to perform it with whole hearted dedication. It directs us to shun away from selfish desires.

3.Gyanayoga is the seeking of Truth and knowledge. It teaches us to discriminate between the self and non-self and to acquire the knowledge of one's spiritual entity through the study of scriptures, etc.

4.Bhakthi yoga is the practice of meditation and worship. It is system of intense devotion with emphasis on complete surrender to divine will. The true follower of yoga is free from egoism, pride and selfishness and is unaffected by the dualities of the world.

5.Raja yoga is known as "Ashtanga Yoga". It is the most practical side of Yoga for all-round development of human personality. It is based on the eight limbed yoga of Patanjali. They are Yama(increasing the power of concentration), Niyama(external and internal purification of both body and mind), Asana(special postures of body to stabilize the mind and body through static stretching), Pranayama(control over the respiratory impulses which form one of the channels of the flow of automatic nerve impulses by holding of the breath), Pratyahara(Introversion of the various sense organs by restraining them from the objects), Dhaarana(concentration of the conscience on an object which can be external or internal like the part between the eyebrows), Dyaana(total meditation) and the culminating Samaadi(oneness with the Supreme).

Bhagavad-Gita describes Yoga "Skill in action". Yoga is a Divine therapy given for the well being of humanity. Though it seems to be an ocean of knowledge it can be learnt and practiced by constant and faithful efforts.


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