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Luck To Embrace Us In The New Year 2012

January 01, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 650

Luck has embraced us and that is why we are alive in the New Year. The early hours have been sweet to us by wishing our friends, family and colleagues. Proceed the journey to success holding the torch of HOPE.


So we have cheerfully entered into another year, named 2012, with dreams and hopes. We convey "Happy New Year Wishes" to our family members, friends and colleagues. We convey our greetings to them with the words "Happy New Year". But do we wish them realizing the meaning of these words or are they mere verbal flattery or a yearly ritual? Do we, in heart, hope for their well being, success, prosperity and good health in the coming times through the wishing of new year messages? In most of the cases it is a mere lip service, sometimes even with jealousy and hatred in heart.

Every word has got its own power. If they are uttered with real knowledge and willingness, they will bring results in the wisher as well as in those who are wished. The vibrations of those words have real power to work magic in life.

Wish others with vibrating words

New Year starts with great dreams and aspirations to come throughout the forthcoming year. Every one has such dreams and expectations. New year wishes or messages convey one's remembrances and desires of meeting one another on the happy occasions of the ensuing new year.

Magic of wishing others

In fact, your words have the power of a talisman like a good luck charm that produces a positive influence over the fortunes of a person, or set of persons upon possession. The effect that your words produce on others is reflected upon you.

This immediate effect of powerful words might have been by you when you wish or greet others. You might have noticed your words of New Year messages bringing smiles and happiness to the receiver's face, making them feel loved and acknowledged at such times. Words have power to build up or destroy.

Believe and build up relationships

Believe in your luck and rebuild your relationships. Forgive others and heal the past wounds on you and on others. Build up a relationship that wounded and left you on the floor. With your positive outlook, rebuild a relationship that made you worried and wearisome.

Believe in your luck

Forget whatever might have happened in the bygone year 2011 or in the past. Believe with your whole heart that 2012 is going to bring you luck and prosperity. Whatever past is dead and gone. Your future is built upon your action today. Now it is the time to act and enjoy your luck that comes through your positive moves. Open up every dawn of this new year with hope of luck and convey this message of luck to every person that you come across even if it is a stranger.

Spread messages of love, affection and warmth around you.

Welcome the early sun of every morning of the new year with open arms and full vigor to bring luck to you and others. Buckle up and welcome the new year with an affectionate embrace.


Author: prithiviputra        
Posted Date: 01/02/2012    Points:2    

Rightly said sir. Building relationships is very important when it comes to leading a good and contented life. People should avoid enmity and hatred to live in harmony.
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 01/02/2012    Points:2    

Right said, so much depends upon the how we react to the situation, with the positive attitude or the negative attitude. The outcome depend on the type of action chosen.

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