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A comparison of administration between Indian kings and British rules

January 01, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Social Studies  Earning $0.20   Views: 698

In this article, I have explained about the administration of the kings and British people. I have also mentioned the comparison the administration between Indian kings and British people.


Administration in India before British came:

Before British people came to rule, there were many kingdoms which had been ruled by many kings. But, one of the faults that involve in India at that time is lack of non-cooperation between kingdoms. Every king would want to defeat other king to occupy other kingdoms. Under the administration of kings, some people were happy living and some other people got more troubles.

Most of India, under the administration of Mourya kings in B.C. time. But, after, India was divided and got into the hands of leaders of different regions. Mainly, southern parts of India was divided into many parts.

In southern part of India, Vijayanagara dynasty is the important one. Sree krishna devaraaya made many well-wishing programmes for the people. In those days, all jewellery were sold just like vegetables in the market. People called the era of Sreekrishna devaraaya as 'Golden era'. Same word was used for the era of the administration of Gupthaas. At the time of administration of the kings, important persons came to India from other countries who were respected by the kings. From the beginning, India has one great name for hosting with care by the kings to other persons who came from other countries. In that procession, British people came to India. They took over all India in their hands by deceiving the kings and putting conflicts between the kings.

For a long time, Muslim kings ruled India which was started from Moghul emperors. Before Moghuls, Gajani Mohammad, after his 11 attempts, he got the India in his hands. Under his administration, he collapses many temples which had great history. But, he got into dangerous death at the end of his life.

In Moghul emperors, the period of Akbar administration can be called as 'Golden era'. He respected every religion which was shown by his marriage with a Hindu lady. Under his administration, he removed some taxes which were harmful to the people. 'Din-hi-elahi' religion which was found by Akbar to take equality among all religions.

In southern India, administration of Cholaas was dictatorship to the people because they forced the people to put into Shaiva traditional ways. They bothered so many Sri Vaishnava traditional people at that time. Like that, they showed hatred towards other traditions other than Shaiva tradition.

Administration in India after British people came:

After British people came to rule, their thoughts were only on the business with the kings of India. But, they found that there were many conflicts among the kings in India. They would think as to enhance these conflicts by friendship with the kings. When British rulers recognize that India has more wealth, they would want to take over all India in their hands. Without any late, they started to defeat the kings by playing tricks with them. Upto 1600 year, they occupied over all India. They had been ruling India from 1600 to 1947. Under their administration, they made some development programmes for their convenience. They introduced the administration of decentralization. They constructed many schools and universities to give the education to Indians to take them to serve for their official needs by giving very low salary.


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