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Effects of media on people in present and past

January 02, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 607

In this article, I have explained about how the media influences the people in present and past.


Media in present situation:

Today, we watch many T.V.Channels in which number of programmes are running. Some programmes entertain the people and some other programmes do not give satisfaction to the people. Moreover, T.V.programmes influence the people in wrong direction. But, some people interests in sports programmes. In that, most of the people interests in cricket game. World cup cricket games give much interest to the people. It is embarrassing that people keep their glance over cricket game even putting a leave to officer.

For women, they would like to watch T.V.serials from afternoon to night without giving interval to T.V.s. For children, channels provide cartoon and animation programmes for their recreation. To increase the human values and devotion in the people some channels like T.T.D. gives potentiality to people.

Some channels like B.B.C., NDTV and English news channels guide the people to learn English in correct path.

Media in the past:

Nearly 15 to 20 years back, there were only few channels in India. Only regional and national channels were telecasted at that time. But, at that time, people did not show that much interest on T.V. programmes because there were only few programmes that would give entertainment to the people. If the people would want to see a film, he would have to watch the movies weekly once.

In the afternoon of every Sunday, regional language films were telecasted to give entertainment different regions of the people. For regional Doordarshan channels, only limited time was permitted to telecast the programmes. Lack of programmes in the T.V. at that time, people were engaged into talks with their relatives to spend the time.

Benefits by media acquired by people:

Due to media, today people understands that what happened every corner of the world. Officials are very alert to fulfill their responsibilities by serving the people impartially. Any criminal is punished due to expand of vigilance technology through media. Now-a-days, media acts as publicity to government programmes. All acts in government are taken near to the people through media.

Imbenefits by media acquired by people:

Sometimes, media gives wrong direction to the people by provoking wrong details about a particular person. Media influences the young generation by violent movies that causes those people to think in criminal way.


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