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How to Limit Computer and Television Time for Kids and Teenagers

January 02, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 1097

Here is a brief insight on how to limit computer and television time for kids and teenagers at home. iPhones, iMac, gaming consoles have largely taken over convention physical outdoor activities and sports. Socializing with people has now become more virtual than in real. Amid such situations, you can still keep your kids active and promote their physical and mental growth with some simple tips.


Technology and gadgets surround us in modern times. Today, writing letters means sending emails or tweets or even comments on Facebook. Social networking seems to be taking over physical communication. Instead of meeting and greeting, it is posting comments, likes and pinging or Skype. Video chatting is more convenient than actually going to see parents, friends or relatives. Under such circumstances, how is it possible to limit your kids'computer or television time?

Kids and Technology

At home, children learn and follow their parents or guardians. They will imitate the way adults talk on phone, surf web or watch television. If you look at school kids today, you will notice that most of them own smart phones, laptops and other high-end gadgets. They talk about nothing else but playing latest games on the Xbox 360, Nintendo or Playstation. These gaming consoles have taken over conventional gifts like bicycles, board games and outdoor activities.

Spend Time with your Kids

The best way to limit computer and television time for kids is by spending time with them. Soon as kids come back from school or play, prevent them from picking up the television remote or switching the computer screen. Talk to them about their day in school, ask about their playtime and discuss your plans for the weekend. It is important to devote enough time to your kids. These days, both parents work and everyone is busy. No one has time to handle kids' tantrums or whims and fancies. Hence, giving them gaming consoles, computers and TV is the best option for working parents.

However, it is a very bad thing to do. Instead, you can enroll your kids into extra study lessons, encourage them to join extra-curricular activities like creative workshops for painting, sketching, glass art, music or dance, library memberships and sport activities and if your child develops such taste then you are lucky. It will also help them to grow as a more mature and responsible human being.

Time Table and Schedule for Kids

Another best way to limit computer and TV time for kids is by making a time table and schedule for them. If both parents are busy at work, they should have a nanny or some elderly person at home to monitor the children's activities. Install computer and television in the common living room. Always check what websites the kids browse and install parental controls on television as well as the internet. Do not be like an overbearing parent but be careful and do take interest in your child's daily activities. Let them know that it is important to give enough time to study and play time. Once your kids accustom to their daily routine of completing homework, learning something creative and playing outdoor sports, they will automatically reduce the time spent on television and computer.

Play with your Kids and Plan Family Activities

It is tough to control kids and teens and keeping them away from computer is almost a herculean task. They will tell you how their friends use social networking websites for hours together. Then again, as parents, it is your responsibility to make your kids see a different version of things. Tell them about the harmful effects of computer to skin and eyes. Too much exposure to such radiation is bad for kids.

Moreover, parents can try to spend some quality time with kids. Have some physical outdoor activities daily like, hiking, biking, walking or swimming. Avoid watching television during kids study hours or during dinner. Plan short weekend vacations and take your kids out of the house. Indulge in interesting sightseeing activities, visit museums and libraries or gardens and parks. You can restrict movies and theatres to once a month.

During vacations and holidays, take them out to see new places or enroll them in summer or winter camps and workshops. All these tips will help you control the time your kids spend in front of television or computer. Sit with them or be nearby while they surf the web. It is important to monitor your kids and teens from a young age to prevent them from any harm.


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