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Information on animals and way of protection to animals

January 03, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 5   Category: Others  Earning $0.10   Views: 514

In this article, I have given some information about the animals and also mentioned that how to protect wild animals.


About animals:

Animals are useful to mankind in different modes. Without animals, it is difficult for us to live in this world. Some people live on animals by getting benefits from it. In India, Hindu people worship cow in different occasions. In Sankranthi festival, on third day, all cows and oxes are worshipped as a gratitude to its work on cultivate the field. Some animals are fed up by rich people to prevent their houses from thieves. Some dogs are very fat seems to be dangerous to strange people who come to the houses of rich people. Come to sheep, they give milk and clothes to the people. But, some people use animals to eat on special occasions. People in the village, at some occasions even they kill animals such as goat and cock to offer to village divines.
If we observe our kings in the past, they travel from one place to place in the chart which was tied to group of horses. In divine works also, those kings used horses which was informed through our puranaas.
Below picture shows wild animals.

Way of protection of wild animals:

There is act to protect the animals in India. Mainly, peacocks, tigers, leopards and lions such wild animals must be protected from mankind. Those who have to make any harm to such animals they must be punished under act, 1960. This decision was taken by the government of India to abhor the killing of wild animals for the wealth from it. But, even now there are some killings of wild animals in India. That could be seen in T.V.channels


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