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Best Tips to Cope with the Holiday Burnout and Stress during Holiday Season

January 03, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 821

Holiday season is over and we are back to normal life. Yet, the holiday burnout, stress and toxic feeling continues to accompany us. Here are some simple tips to cope with the holiday burnout and rejuvenate your mind and body for the New Year.


As holidays approach, you find yourself too busy with chores like cooking, baking, shopping, table decorations, house cleaning, and wrapping gifts and so on. From October until the New Year celebration, we all are busy with guests, visiting family and friends. There is actually no time to sit back and relax. Of course, this applies to the over active social animals. Some others may not have such a busy time during the holiday season.

In general, holiday burnout is something we all face, at any point of our lifetime. After all the hard work at office, we look forward to the holiday season. Most of the holiday time goes into partying and drinking. As a result, there is a holiday burnout. This holiday burnout is an indication that you need to slow down on the booze, late night parties and relax for a while. Here are a few tips to handle and cope with the holiday season burnout.

Relax your Mind and Body

Step aside from hitting the pubs, bars, movies and booze. Try to step inside the gym or your health club. It is time again to get back to looking fit and healthy. Holiday season also means a lot of indulgence in food and beverages. Hence, try knocking off those extra pounds you put on during the holidays.

Join aerobics, water walking, meditation or yoga and Pilates. Sitting in the steam room or the sauna will also do you some good. Drink plenty of water while you are trying to cope with the holiday burnout. Water is always good to rehydrate and detoxify. Indulge in a spot of hiking, biking and walking in the park.

Music for the Soul

We are not talking about the blasting and loud music. Some peaceful and soulful music can also calm your nerves and help you cope with the holiday burnout. Good music can be the best remedy to de-stress and relax. You may also try some salsa dance classes or singing lessons to revitalize your energy.

Seek Help for Cleaning and Chores

As a family, it is important to lend a helping hand. This helps to finish the chores soon, in less time and less effort. This means that house cleaning after the holiday season is not mommy's responsibility alone. Ask your family members to help you with the dishes, cleaning, vacuuming and other home chores. You need not do it for the whole day. Set aside an hour or two every day to clean the house, store the presents and cook. You will see that cleaning and other house chores do not seem boring when the whole family is doing it. You can talk, chat and catch up while doing these chores.

Well, treatment for any stress, burnout or dull time is not complete without some aromatherapy. It is time to light those scented candles you bought while shopping during the holidays. You may also like to use some calming bath salts and essential oils in your bathtub or shower. All these tips are worth a try and will definitely help you overcome the holiday burnout and stress.


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