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Cheap Dining in Times Square and New York City

January 03, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Travel & Places  Earning $0.25   Views: 594

If you like pasta, burgers, fries, pastries and gelato, you will find plenty of cheap deli stores in and around Times Square and other parts of New York. Do not go by the general view that dining is expensive in New York, it all depends on how you plan and what you wish to eat.


While you are planning a trip to New York, you will be looking at various vacation packages, local sightseeing tips and all that. However, one thing that you may forget is the dining in New York. If you are flying in to New York from other states or countries, you may not be able to find an exact replica of homemade food. Of course, if it is a short one or two-day getaway, then eating out all times may not seem bad. However, if it is a three or four days trip to New York, including Washington DC and other nearby attractions, it is a good idea to plan about your meal requirements in New York City.

There are always two sides to a coin. Similarly, dining in New York can be cheap or expensive depending on choices you make. There are plenty of restaurants, deli and street food options for the tourists and local people in New York. Then again, vegetarians, vegans and non-meat eaters will face some issues. These people may not find exciting options when it comes to street food in New York. Here are some tips on dining in New York on a budget.

Stay on Times Square in New York

Firstly, it is a good idea to stay in hotels around Times Square in New York. While browsing online about hotel reviews, you will notice people talking about the shady neighborhood concept. Hence, if you stay around Times Square, you can enjoy late night trips to Times Square, shopping, theatre and nightlife without worrying about taking the subway back to your hotel.

Look for hotels in Times Square between 42nd and 56th Streets and on seventh and eighth avenues in New York. You will be going back and forth the airport on the first and last day of your journey. Hence, there is no point in staying in New Jersey and far off places. The hotels may seem cheaper there but you will end up spending more on the subways and commuting.

Pick up the Guidebook in Hotel

All hotels in New York have free local guidebooks at the concierge desk. Pick a copy for your reference. These guidebooks have important information about dining, sightseeing and shopping in New York. You will be able to know more about cheap dining in New York with the help of local guidebooks.

Local Dining Options in New York and Times Square

If you like pasta, burgers, fries, pastries and gelato, you will find plenty of cheap deli stores in and around Times Square and other parts of New York. Do not worry, you will find the chain restaurants like Olive Garden, Chipotle, Burger King, Mac Donalds, Subway sandwich and Jamba Juice in Times Square. In fact, all these chain restaurants are right near the Empire State building too. Hence, you can grab a breakfast sandwich at any of these places when you begin the early morning sightseeing tour.

Pretzel, popcorn and honey-roasted nuts are available on the street food carts that also sell steaks, meat and hot dogs. You may find some difficulty in spotting a trash can. Hence, carry a small trash bag in your backpack. You can empty the trash when you spot a trashcan or when you get back to the hotel.

Vegetarian Food in New York and Times Square

If you are a vegetarian from India or in the US, you may have to lookout for menus offering vegetarian dishes. Times Square has Indian restaurants like Utsav, Minar, Bombay Garden and so on. These also offer lunch buffets for $13 to $15 or $18 per head. Mostly, when you take the local sightseeing tours or take a bus trip to Wahsington DC from New York, it is a good idea to pack a subway sandwich or a salad from the deli bar for the day. It is a bit tough to find good vegetarian meals while traveling in these places.

Of course, there are some Indian restaurants in Times Square. Here, you can find north and south Indian delicacies but they may not be excellent in taste. Then again, you can never rely totally on the reviews. If you have a good luck, you may find excellent tasting food too. Maybe it also depends on the choices you make.

There are plenty of Deli and grocery stores in New York and in Times Square. Hence, you can buy regular, flavored or Greek yogurt, fruit juices, soda, sandwiches, create your own pasta or stir-fry too. Ray's pizza in Times Square is another popular fast food place. You can find good vegetarian pizza for $25. It is very huge and filling too. Most hotels in Times Square do not have a microwave or fridge. Hence, you may want to buy your food daily to eat fresh. If you want to check in a portable electric rice cooker, do it. You can cook rice and have it with yogurt and some vegetables from the deli. All these tips may help you consider your dining options in New York and plan your travel budget accordingly.


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