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A painful relationship outside in the internet.

January 03, 2012  by: befrindwithme26  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 366

Relationship will suffer in pain either you are in single or married.


If we say secret relationship it means you and the partner know only. Is not been shared by anyone and if you had troubles with, you only one will know it and hurt cried alone and can't tell by any ones there around you even you have friends but still can't share it.
It is painful though.

It is painful and also those promised by the partner that are not yet fulfilled and you feel when and how can this be happen.
Painful to think and you felt it.You wish that could not happened to you, but what can you do about it.

A painful to you that you felt you are slave by the partner, and do not want you to do what you want in your life and even the things is important and needful to you but you can't. Feeling you is slave.

Life is hard, I know some people experienced such kind of thing in my life; other just killed their own self, cried keep in secret. And always thinking what to do, and how can you go over this. You wish you are in the right single person, and even you are in the single person you still to go through in different kind of problems and you feel can't solve it.

Life should go through in different kinds of problems in life. We know life is hard and hurt, painful but God always there with us to help a comfort our needs and problems. He is besides us and nothing is impossible to Him if we trust and keep praying the problems we have. God knows that it is painful, even Jesus was suffered for us, and how much more us we suffered in little things and we can't accept it.But we should accept to have easy life.


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