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Ten Tips To Become A Genius

January 04, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Others    Views: 1059

History has recorded numberless people who have been genius. It is their hard work and confident efforts that pushed them towards their victory.


History has recorded numberless people who have been genius. It is their hard work and confident efforts that pushed them towards their victory. They created history through their creativity which they could acquire by their relentless endeavors. You can become a genius through improving your thinking. You need not baffle. It is easy. Just follow these ten tips!

Learned people and psychologists prescribe many methods to improve our thinking. Even if we are not genius, we can adopt the same strategies which Aristotle and Einstein used to harness the power of our creative mind. There is no doubt that this can assure our better future. Here are the ten tips- the ten strategies promising you the position of a genius.

1) Open your eyes to look at the problems clearly. Look at them in many angles. Find a new prospective that no one else has taken so far. It was the path of Leonardo da Vinci to gain more knowledge about any problem- to restructure the problem in as many ways as possible.

2) Visualize the problem in all aspects. When Einstein thought through a problem, he always found it necessary to formulate his subject in as many different aspects as possible, including using diagrams. He visualized solutions and believed that words and numbers as such did not play a significant role in his thinking process.

3) Identify your thoughts in logical order. By identifying the essence of your thoughts a in logical order you can unite similar thoughts into a principle. When you can think in principles, you will be able to understand everything in existence and get a clearer vision of your problem.

4) Produce through your creativity. It is not enough to know how to think logically. Conceptual thought lets you identify reality in abstract terms, but conceptual thought does not generate new ideas. It was by producing through their creativity that all the genius people could stamp their impressions in history. Thomas Alva Edison held 1093 patents. He guaranteed productivity by giving himself and his assistant's idea quotas.

5) Make new combinations. Combine and recombine ideas, images, and thoughts into different novel combinations. No matter how incongruent and unusual they are! The laws of heredity on which the modern science of genetics is built up came from the Austrian monk Mendel who combined mathematics and biology to create a new science!

6) Build up relationships. Make connection between dissimilar subjects. We know that Da Vinci forced a relationship between the sound of a bell and a stone hitting water. This enabled him to make the connection that sound travels in waves. Samuel Morse invented relay stations for telegraphic signals when observing relay stations for horses.

7) Consider the opposites. The famous physicist Niels Bohr strongly believed that if you held opposites together, then you suspend your thought, and your mind moves to a new level. His ability to imagine light as both a particle and a wave led to his conception lf the principle of complementarity. Suspending thought in the logical sequence may allow your mind to create a new form.

8) Allow your thinking roam about in a metaphorical world. Aristotle considered metaphor a sign of genius, and believed that an individual who had the capacity to perceive resemblances between two separate areas of existence and link them together was a person of special gifts.

9) Always wait and prepare for your chances. Whenever we attempt to do something, we end up doing something else. That is our nature. It is the first principle of creative accident. Failure can be productive only if we do not focus on it as an unproductive result. But when you analyze the process, its compliments and how you can change it into success, you arrive at better results.

10) Don't forget to make use of the positive instruments like yoga, etc. They sharpen your focus and make you fit for your attempts. They can strengthen you both physically and mentally. Our awareness becomes keener.

I am sure now we can realize the reason why we say often, "We don't know". It is because we are not aware. We sometimes spend our lifetime in looking for the answers instead of solving them with our logical thinking. Following these ten tips I am sure you can become a genius.


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