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Details about a cell phone and its effects

January 05, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 922

In this article, I have explained about the cell phone. I have mentioned some information about cell phone.


About cell phone:

Generally, today a normal man also feels that it is hard to lead life without cellphone. That much greatness that cell phone has. So, we have to know little about cell phone. Cell phone is nothing but a device which receives telphonic signals carry over radio waves. First person who used cell phone is Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola company in 1983 which has weight of 1kg. If we observe the users of cellphone they increases to 4.6billion people all over the world.

Time is going on, a new technologies such as messaging, MMS, internet access and bluetooth were entered into mobile phone technology. Touch screen mobiles are very craze to use by the young people in present. In 1992, in UK, the first message was sent from a computer to a mobile phone. In Finland in 1993, first SMS from person to person was sent. For GSM cell phones, SIM cards are necessary which has telephonic key to react from signals from other mobile phone. This SIM card can be removed from one cell phone and can be inserted in another cell phone. In 1991, first SIM was made by Muchich Smart card maker.

Usage of Nokia cell phones is decreased compared to the year before 2010. After 2010, there has been so many cell phone manufacture companies established. Market share of Nokia pieces are decreased from 56% to 31% after 2010.

Features of cell phone:

1. It is mandatory for every person to handle a cell phone. In African countries, where the coverage of cell phone towers are more than landline penetration. Every one in that area has a cell phone. In African countries, even now there is no electricity, for recharge of their cell phones they use solar energy.
2. Some T.V. channels provide the facility to watch T.V. on cell phone. In America, nearly 86% of people use cell phones to watch T.V. programs as they have no time to watch T.V. in their home.
3. In some countries, to prevent from domestic violence, where government supplies cell phones for immediate transformation of information to the authorities.

Alerts about cell phone in different countries:

Mobile phone usage while driving is prohibited in some countries. Those countries realize that using of mobile phone while driving may cause danger to other person and to their driver. Some countries such as Egypt, Esrael, Portugal and Japan who took control on mobile phones for hand set and hand free items that those countries does not allow cell phone while driving.

Mobile banking services through the world:

In some countries, mobile banking services are done by electronic transfer of payments from one person to another person. These payments are done by a secure text message from mobile to manage transactions between one person to another person. Banking services from USA to rural areas of African countries are being done through mobile banking services. These mobile banking services started in Finland in 1998. Coco-cola vending companies started mobile banking services by payments through SMS service.

How to track a cell phone:

Cell phone can be tracked using the principle of multilateral. Using this we can calculate the time differences of signals that reaches to several cell towers from the owner of cell phone. In UK and USA, government authorities provides microphone chips in cell phone even to track the conversation between two people.

Health effects of using cell phone:

Generally, cell phone releases electro magnetic radiation in microwave range. So, it might be hazard to the people who use it 30 minutes per day over 10 years. Cell phone usage to minors are not preferable as it may cause brain cancer or tumors. WHO in its researches, confirmed that a long term health risk is involved in the usage of cell phones. Some countries such as France already gave cautions to minors that they would not use cell phones.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 01/06/2012    Points:2    

Very informative article ! Cell Phone is both a boon and can also be a nuisance when it is not used in the right manner..People do get caarried away at times forgetting their responsibilities and social graces..
Author: befrindwithme26        
Posted Date: 01/06/2012    Points:3    

Great written articles.Yes there are good use on it and there are bad effects we can get in the cellphones.
People can't leave using phone because every day they use to contact,to call,sent messages.
It is not good if we are over using and we can be tired of using and there is effects like your joints.

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