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Five Vital Tips To Teach Patriotism

January 05, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 1464

Independence Day is a happy occasion that everyone in a country celebrates with great joy. Every human being wants to be independent. The spirit of patriotism makes the Independence Day more meaningful.


Sense of patriotism makes the Independence Day more meaningful. It is an inevitable quality that every citizen of a country should have for a peaceful and successful life. Man, being a social being, has to acquire this quality to build up a prosperous country. It has to be learnt from childhood. Is the present generation growing with the spirit of patriotism?

Why patriotism should be taught to children?

It is the duty of every citizen to build up a country with the spirit of patriotism. Parents and responsible adults should teach this to children since they learn by example, particularly when it comes to patriotism. Love of country does not and cannot develop on its own. Only through instruction and demonstration, parents, educators, and leaders of the nation can instill a sense of pride in the young people who will one day take their own places in those same roles. There are many ways to instill national pride into the growing generations.

Five vital tips to teach patriotism in children

1) Teach children patriotic words and songs
Children love songs and rhymes. Patriotic songs and rhymes can be embedded in their tender hearts. Children can be taught about the meaning of the national anthem. Singing of the national anthem instills patriotism. For example, "The Star Spangled Banner", the national anthem of the United States of America, can be sung on a regular basis to instill a patriotic sentiment in a child.

Every country has slogans and words of pledge. Reciting of the patriotic slogans and Pledge of Allegiance at important occasions is one of the most basic instructional tools, when it comes to teaching patriotism.
Ceremonial use of these words and songs in school programs, scouting ceremonies, and community sports openings and closings and other social activities can inspire children to grow patriotic.

2) Arrange for patriotic programs
Educators, in particular, get many opportunities to fuel patriotism through school programs. Student participation promotes a love for the country. Patriotic spirit can be encouraged and made effective especially in conjunction with national observances such as Independence Day, Veteran's Day or Memorial Day.

3) Encourage participation of civic activities
Through promoting civic activities, parents and leaders have the opportunity to convey an understanding of patriotism to children, so that words and songs are translated into action. Patriotic displays in community parades can provide a view of leaders showing their love of country which can impart lively experience in children. Encourage children to participate in campaigns, in community cleanup events, and in local government meetings which enable children to gain an understanding of patriotism in action.

4) Promote patriotic thoughts
Parents, leaders, and educators can further teach patriotism to children through discussion and dialogue. Discussions about heritage of nation at home, community forums, or school debates provide children the opportunity to hear issues, and to participate in the discussions about important concerns. Essay contests or assignments make students to put their understanding into written form. Each opportunity to formalize those ideas helps a student to further develop their patriotic sentiment.

5) Family trips and tours
Family trips and tours to national monuments can instill in children the spirit of patriotism. For example, visiting the national parks in the US, like Yosemite, Yellowstone, or Rocky Mountain National Park may allow them to experience the best nature this country has to offer. Vacations to historic cities can provide children rich opportunities to visit sites where historical events to build up the nation took place.
Though it is difficult to legislate the heart, it is essential that all should work together to make children love the country in which they live. It is the national duty of all, as educators, leaders, and parents, to teach children patriotism. Through examples, we can demonstrate our own love towards the nation. Through utilizing opportunities, we can teach values of patriotism in children.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 01/17/2012    Points:2    

very good friend. But not only this all enough. make them and encourage people join in defense services . Do service for our nation through Army,Navy and Air force. That is real physical patriotism for our mother land.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 02/27/2012    Points:2    

These are really nice tips shared and presented in an organised way. It is very important to teach children the mantra of patriotism at an early stage of their life.

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Five Vital Tips To Teach Patriotism
Independence Day is a happy occasion that everyone in a country celebrates with great joy. Every human being wants to be independent. The spirit of patriotism makes the Independence Day more meaningful.


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