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Tips on how to select a 36 inch bar stool for your home

January 06, 2012  by: mayka123  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 845

Bar stools are becoming a fashion now in every home. Here are tips on how to select a 36 in bar stool.


The 36 inch bar stool was once used in restaurants and bars to accommodate customers at their counters. This gave the customers a chance to sit at the counter and have their drink on their own. It is now become popular for use at home too. It comes in handy if you have a bar at home. It is also kept in the billiard room. Other practical uses of such a high stool are limited.
While considering bar stools for home a few things need to be considered. The first being the height of the bar stool. Bar stools are available anywhere between 18 to 36 inches. The 36 inch bar stool is not always readily available and has to be custom made. The 36 inch bar stool is only useful if the height of the kitchen or the table is about 46 - 48 inches or else there would be no specific use of this stool. One has to know the exact purpose of the stool before selecting one. And these extra long bar stools are an added advantage if there are kids at home because they like sitting on these extra tall bar stools. The kids feel great because they are at eye level along with the adults. These are perfectly safe to use for kids also.

The wooden bar stools are usually available in the market. They are also available online. You may even find some at second hand stores if you are looking for a cheaper option. Wooden bar stools are more expensive than the plastic or metal ones. Bar stools are available in many sizes, styles, shapes, fabrics and prices and colors. Then style and color should depend on your counter or bar where the bars stool will be placed. The color is usually matched with the counter but the most popular colors are white, black or red.
While selecting the product always compare the material use for making the bar stools. If it is a leather stool check if only the seat is made of leather or the entire stool is of leather. Very often the seat is made of leather and the rest of the stool is of vinyl. If the stool is made of oak one has to check whether small pieces of oak are glued together to make the stool or an entire piece of oak has been used. For a metal stool one must check if the stool is welded or screwed together. A welded stool will last longer as compared to one that has been screwed together. The screws tend to come off over time. The quality of the foam has also to be checked. The better the quality of the foam the longer it will last.

The other matter to be considered while selecting a stool is the purpose. Do you want a stationery stool or a swivel one? Does it have to be with a back or backless? Do you want arms or should it be armless. Do you want solid seats or upholstered ones?

I hope this information helps you in choosing a good quality bar stool for your home.


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