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Facts and tips about online business

January 06, 2012  by: daayur  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.20   Views: 805

This provides basic information for all people who are about going into online business


Online business are categorized into different types and ways based on the area that suits you as person.These are business that can be done comfortably in front of your computer and right there in your home.some people called this business workathome business.Online business is not a get rich scheme at first as a lot of websites claims but on a gradual level you can now start to make money
Tools for online business
For you start thinking of going into online,you need the following
1.your payment method:you need any of the following,bank acct,paypal,alertpay,libertyreserve,moneybooker,etc
2.A good working email
3.A computer and an internet connection
4.you need a u.s address or phone number
5.you need a mentor who will be ready to guide.
6.lastly, your time and patient is needed
Types of online business and facts
1.taking surveys :this is simply filling out questionnaires online but it takes a lot of time if you have the time,you can do this.google for highest paying site on the internet.
2.selling online :you can decide to sell your ebook,products or stock online.sites like craiglist,ebay or amason are good site for such activities
3.blogging is another way to work online.if you can think it,you can write it and you can blog it.that is blogging.you can create any topic of your choice and blog it.
4.file sharing: you upload files,get the download link and start sharing it,if any download it.you get paid.examples of site for such are 4shared,uploading,fileserve,etc google for more
5.affiliate marketing: a lot of guys are making money as an affiliate marketer,you get to signup with some site,pick a product,advertise it and get paid.e.g clickbank and cj.com
6.currency exchange: you get to exchange your currency in dollars,eurosetc inform of a payment method.you can exchange lr-pm,pm-lr,lr-alertpay,alertpay-pm etc
to learn more,see google for more info.
getting started with online business.
choose the best that suits you and start to make a lot of research about it,google for facts and review about the site,check for scams and make sure you are on the right path.But the facts about this business us that you cant neglect the power of blogging and its earnings.visit exposeknowledge on facebook to see facts about how guys are working,earning and blogging stuffs there.
Also,dont forget to learn what you are about going into,ask questions from your mentors and make sure you take your time to read all publication here .
every Nigerian needs this information because a lot of youth are suffering,no jobs for the youth and you can use this medium to earn or make some cash online which will be an added earning to your job monthly salary.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 03/01/2012    Points:2    

superb, but it can be more organized way..its ok . but if you give spaces and and share that ideas with us ..more helpful to us.

thanks for sharing very nice tips.

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