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A Christian Kidney for a Hindu Resurrection

January 06, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 812

Jesus Christ said there can be no greater love than sacrificing ones own life for his neighbor. Father Chiramel, a Catholic priest of South India, volunteered to donate his kidney to a Hindu patient who was almost dying due to renal failure.


The unprecedented and charitable gesture of a Catholic priest donating his kidney to save the life of a Hindu man has made flurry of headlines of newspapers in India as well as the world at large. The world stood baffled in grateful surprise when it learnt about the sacrifice of a Catholic priest of South India gave a rebirth to a Hindu by donating his kidney saying, "I am quite happy to follow my Master Jesus Christ and do a selfless service." Father Chiramel, who is the general secretary of the Accident Care and Transport Services (ACTS) in Thrissur, has set a rare example by donating his kidney to a Hindu man and at the same time helping to launch a new organization that aims to help kidney patients who are helpless in the society.

Religious Tolerance in India

India has been a county of tolerance until recently promoting religious harmony and human relationship. Only recently fanaticism has intruded into the country causing violence and terrorism in the name of religions. The world has not forgotten the cruel incidents of burning the Christian missionaries like Pastor Steins who was charred to death in Orissa.

A Catholic Priest Gives Life to A Hindu

Father Chiramel is the parish priest of St. Francis Xavier Church Vadanappilly, a parish in Thrissur archdiocese. He is very active witnessing Christ among the people of all religions.

Gopinath was Awaiting Death

Gopinath, a traditional Hindu and the father of two sons, aged five and eleven, was shocked when the doctors told him that both his kidneys had failed when he contracted a fever in 2007. He was too poor to pay or the kidney transplant which was the only solution for his survival. Where can he go for millions of rupee? It was at this time when he was "unwillingly awaiting death" that the Catholic priest came to his rescue by risking his own life.

Christian Love

Fr. Chiramel proved the love of Christ saying, "For me the possibility of donating an organ to someone I did not know is a unique and privileged opportunity to share in Christ's suffering." He came forward to give life to an unknown person. For him priesthood is a life of sacrifice like Christ. Father Chiramel is convinced in is sacrifice saying, "Christ gives of himself every day for the world's salvation. In the Mass, priests offer the sacrifice of His body and His blood, but they do it without sharing in our Lord's pain and suffering. But for me the possibility of donating an organ to someone I did not know is a unique and privileged opportunity to share in Christ's suffering."

Kidney Trafficking in the Country

Illegal organ trafficking, especially kidney, has been an horrific activity and huge problem for many years in the Asian countries. Poor donors of these countries sell their kidney or other body organs for money and they are in turn sold to wealthier clients around the world. All these are arranged by doctors or middlemen on the black market. Poverty meets greed and greed in turn meets corruption; leading to all merciless malpractices. In India, organ trafficking has become a big underworld business. Indian authorities are hard pressed to stop such illegal commerce that sees the poor sell their organs for a meager amount while the rich people unscrupulously pay millions.

Kidney Donation

Ignorance, malnutrition and poverty have crippled kidney donation in India. The legal formalities and the transplanting surgery cost have made it beyond the reach of the poor. It is at this juncture Father Chiramel came forward to help.

A Priestly Model in "The Year of Priests"

As Father Chiramel told later that for him donating a kidney was a special blessing in 'the year of priests'. The donation process began on 19 June. On that day Pope Benedict opened the 'Year for Priests' and Father Chiramel was in the hospital for the necessary tests for the transplant not aware of he Pope's announcement. "Everything happened in an instant. I realized that I had been blessed with the possibility of offering my body to save a man in the year of the priests"


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