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Right To Education(RTE) act and its information

January 07, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 945

In this article, I have given information on Right To Educational act(RTE). I have also mentioned the need of RTE-2009 in this article.


Back ground to RTE-2009:

Article 45 in constitution, every child should be given free education. By sustaining the same article, government of India took amendment to this article as the article 21A. According to this article, free and compulsory education between 6 to 14 years becomes a fundamental right to every child in India. As a result of this article, government of India enforced this as an act on the states to give free and compulsory education to elementary stage.

Details of RTE-2009:

According to RTE act, no child would not left from giving education. No child is not neglected due to their status. Any time in academic year, school has to give the admission to a child. A child has right to join in the vicinity school from his home. No child would not be remove from the school until he completes the elementary education. This RTE act regularises the rules that every school (under government and private management). Private school should get recognisation from the government after fulfilling the requirements specified by the government. Otherwise, 3 years of time will be given to that school to complete the requirements. If the school is running beyond three years without recognisation, that school shall have to pay 10000 rupees per day. Teachers work in private school shall have to get qualification within 5 years. Teacher Eligibility Test(TET) is to be conducted regarding to RTE-2009. By conducting TET every year as many times, student teachers should be tested to take qualitative teachers.

A private shool have to provide 25% reservation for economically deprived students. Cost for that student would be paid by the government at the cost of student in the government school. Before coming RTE act, educational system is not correct path. Central government also provides certain number of teacher posts to the schools in all sGovernment of India took revolutionary changes in education by taking Right To Education act(RTE-2009). This act is a historical act to protect the child rights. According tates regarding to RTE act. NCPCR(Nation commission for protection of child rights) took the over all controlling power on RTE act. Any harm to this act happens then those complaints would be solved by NCPCR. According to RTE act, handicapped persons are also joined with mainstream of schools.

RTE -2009 which has been implementing since April1, 2010. According to article 21A in India constitution, free and compulsory education for 6 to 14 years became a fundamental right which causes to implement of RTE-2009 act. In RTE act, a point is ceased by the stay of Supreme court. That point is to give 25% reservation to economically deprived students. Private management schools took verdict to their favour that not to provide 25% reservation.

Need of RTE act in India:

India recognised the need of RTE act when UNO had declared that no child would be left from primary education by 2015. India would take this as a motive to implement RTE act. Before 2009, there were so many out of school children in India. But with the help of community, government decreased out of school children from 23 millions to 8 millions. This act would be needed for Bihar, Jhorkand, Manipur states as there were more number of out of school children.


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