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Six Hungers of Modern Man

January 07, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Food & Drinks    Views: 733

Modern man is very hungry; hungrier than at any time in the human history. Without any rest he works overtime to amass more wealth.


Modern man is very hungry; hungrier than at any time in the human history. He is not hungry just for food but he is hungrier for wealth and sex. His insatiable hunger has made him restless and stressful. Without any rest he works overtime to amass more wealth. Without any control he seeks for sex in whatever way he gets. And without rest he burns his energy to quench his thirst for selfish pride.

Six hungers of modern man

Modern man is hungry for sex, wealth, power, relationship, love, and for inner peace. The ever increasing problems around human life are the results of these hungers. Today man is unable to control these hungers as at every point he wants more and more.

1) Hunger for wealth

Recently I happened to meet a business man who was quite occupied even on Sundays. I asked him why he is not taking rest at least on Sundays. The immediate reply was, "I have tasted money. I cannot sit at home but trying for it more even on Sundays". It is a well known fact that today more people die of wealth hunger than of hunger for food.

2) Hunger for sex

Advance in modern equipments has made man restless as they beckon him for pleasures of media. Man is struggling hard to control his ever-increasing passion for sex. Natural laws of the sacred human relationship between and a man and a woman have been transgressed in all possible ways. Laws which were guarding the uniqueness of marriage have been changed today conveniently to appease the commercialized man. That is what we see in all societies. As a result, AIDS and mysterious diseases are haunting humanity still unable to control the perverted human nature.

3) Hunger for power

Democracy has become the norm of most of the political systems. But the hunger for power is increasing all the more. Everyone wants to taste the delicacies of power. Nobody wants to serve others. Even those who occupy seats of authority show outwardly and say that they are the servants of those who put them in power; but in practice, they oppress others to retain their positions and fill their pockets. They want to grab power by any means. Is it not for this do we see so much of money spent during elections?

4) Hunger for relationship

Today, families are shattered. Children are thrown out in streets. People are not ready to take up responsibilities of a family life. They need only the enjoyment of sex but not the responsibilities of sex. Elderly people driven out of their houses and are seeking refuge in old age homes. Divorces and splits in marital lives have become very common. Why all these? It is only the explicit signs of selfishness. It is the hunger for relationships.

5) Hunger for love

Where is real love? What is real affection? Everywhere only disappointments and deceits are found. Cheating and treachery for even for unworthy profits are prevalent everywhere. Even the most trustworthy love between a husband and wife has become weak and feeble. Today, man is groping all over in search of true love.

6) Hunger for inner peace

There is a commotion and restlessness everywhere in the world. There is a great thirst for inner peace. Hearts and souls are wounded by psychological conflicts and are searching for healing. There is a vacuum in most of the human hearts searching for inner peace.

The more science is advancing the more man is searching for inner peace-- the food for his soul.


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