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A dozen causes of shin pain in children

January 07, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 675

Children often complain about shin pain in their legs. There are various reasons for the pain. Some of them may be chronic and may lead to serious troubles.


Shin pain is caused in the legs. Symptoms of shin pain can include throbbing, tenderness, and aching from below the knee to the ankle. Shin pain or shin splints can hurt directly over the shinbone (tibia) or over the muscles that are on the inner or outer side of the tibia. Some of this shin pain may be chronic and others are only temporary. Although shin pain is referred to as shin splints, all shin pains need not be caused by shin splints.

Generally, the shin pain may come from the irritation of the muscles and tissues that connect the muscles to bone. The child who has shin pain may show symptoms of pain in walking. Normally, it is worse early in the morning and at the beginning of walking, and it can gradually get better as the child walks for some time.

In the modern lifestyle, in which sedentary posture has become normal, shin pain is found occurring as a common complaint. Though there are various reasons for its occurrence, they are different in children.

A dozen causes of shin pain in children

1) Children are supposed to be active. They run here and there. They do not realize that they are tired. Only when they feel pain in their legs they seem to stop their activity. Shin pain generally is caused by over exertion and stress. It can be caused from increased pressure around the weak shin muscles in the lower leg. Exertion by jumping, running and dancing is the most common cause of shin pain in children.
2) Meeting with accidents is commonly found in children, which may lead to shin pain. Children engaged in sports are easy victims of this kind of pain. The most common symptom of shin pain is caused from the nerve endings located in the fibrous tissue lining of the bone.
3) This pain may also be caused by wearing unsuitable shoes with too high a heel or inflexible sole. The weight of the shoe may also affect the shin.
4) If the shin or calf is too weak or too tight it may affect children. Fall or twisting injuries may cause shin pain in children easily.
5) If the children engaged in sports activities do not get enough warm up practice or play and run on hard surfaces, they will experience shin pain.
6) Use of certain medications may also cause shin pain in children.
7) The most common cause of all of shin pain in children and young athletes is being overactive. Painful shin conditions are commonly found in most runners who increase their mileage or intensity of their running, or change the surface on which they are running.
8) Non-traumatic conditions may also cause shin pain. It is caused by some illness which would affect both legs. This kind of pain affects the joints also.
9) Pain may occur from some nerve problem such as peripheral nerve inflammation not associated with the spinal cord. This may affect the shin area where pain is radiated.
10) If the shin pain is diagnosed chronic, it has to be treated properly before it becomes serious. Sometimes swelling, soreness and stiffness in the knees and other joints may cause chronic shin pain.
11) Knee sprain, injury, cramps, blood clot in vein or varicose veins may be reasons for shin pain. Deformities in legs or bones may cause shin pain in children.
12) Some diseases such as Buerger's disease, Ewing's sarcoma, and bone cancer may cause chronic shin pain in children.


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