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Classification of science as per human needs

January 08, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 607

In this article, I have explained about science by classifying into Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.


Science and its classifications:

In science, different topics are discussed. Under which the following topics are most important.
1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Botany
4. Zoology

1. Physics:

In Physics subject, before 20th century, existed Physics is called conventional Physics. After 20th century, running researches come under modern Physics. In conventional Physics, no scientist would not go deeply in to the material to know about it because microscopes were not developed at that time. After inventing of electron microscopy by Leiven Hawk, then elementary particles which existed in the material were found by the scientists. Whenever, three elementary particles such as electron, proton and neutron found then the focus of scientists goes to electron to explore new dimensions that causes to discover electricity. Finally, Amphere, scientist, who discovered electricity by giving definition as flow of electrons. After there were so many explorations in electricity. That explorations led to new topic in science which is electronics. With the help of electronics in science, everything become easy by doing the work within seconds.

With the advent of electronics subject in science, new technologies has been entering starting with nano technology. In all fields electronics become useful.

2. Chemistry:

Chemistry subject was started with discovery of elements in the nature. In present, there are more than 110 elements regarding to chemistry. After entering organic chemistry, the total shape of chemistry was changed. So many combinations with carbon, number of useful materials were formed. In which polythein is one. But, now it is banned by most of the governments as it is harmful to the environment. In medical field, Chemistry is used in a vast manner. Every medicine comprises of chemical compound which is helpful to the health of human beings.

3. Botany:

Through Botany subject, there is product of qualitative and profitable animals are produced by the process of hybridisation. Using cloning method, couples those who does not have any child, produces new child by stem cells. So many explorations are running in this subject.

4. Zoology:

This subject is the most helpful to farmers. For profitable and fruitful crops, using explorations in Zoology, scientists produce hybrid plants and seeds to support the farmer economically.

For all sciences earth is the only root.


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