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Reading makes a person imaginative ,intelligent and sensitive!

January 08, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 1154

Studies have shown that children who read a lot are more intelligent and do better in studies and later in their career as well.


Not many people are really drawn to reading and in many cases it has to be cultivated ! There is no doubt that Reading sharpens your brain cells and make them active which is essential for our mental health. The more you read, the more open you become in your thinking. One tends to view things differently as one gains more knowledge about people, places and other people's behavior. This develops a person's imaginative skills and Reading definitely enhances a person's thinking; he becomes more aware of his surroundings and understands things better and thereby much more sensitive to his immediate surroundings and also feelings of other people. It has been told that those who read a lot arefar more intelligent, imaginative and yet much more aware of their surroundings ! We need to sharpen our brains constantly lest it does not rust.Reading, in my opinion is the most effective method of doing it because it makes you think and imagine.

No doubt that it depends on what you read.But, reading in itself is gaining some knowledge. I am reminded of an incident when I was talking to a relative , an old professor telling me that after reading up almost everything during his life time, he is now reading local glossy magazines and comics and find them entertaining no doubt but so shallow...If one has a genuine interest in books , one automatically would like to explore various fields and gain knowledge.The more you explore the better knowledge you gain about the world in general! Through reading we can reach places, learn cultures, we can time travel, we can communicate with the environment, etc etc..It sharpens our comprehension of things , besides exposing us to different avenues of knowledge.

However, one can see that reading habit is slowly declining with the advent of computers and the internet.In the past 4-5 years a number of circulating libraries have closed down because the number of members had dwindled ..
One should cultivate the habit of reading from childhood by gifting books to children and making them take an interest in reading . A person who is well read has many advantages in life .He/she is able to make changes and adjustments when necessary depending on the situation using the intelligence and knowledge gained through books .Most people seem to think that fiction has no positive contribution to make, but I for one strongly disagree because one needs intelligence and knowledge to write even fiction .What we read does make a difference, but reading anything is better than not reading at all. Once the reading habit develops , one does become choosy . one must take care to instil this habit in children so that they have am all round development.

Studies have shown that children who read a lot are more intelligent and do better in studies and later in their career as well. It can be rgued that a more intelligent person takes more interest in reading and books.However, it is like the egg and the chicken which came first, similarly one can never be sure whether an intelligent person is automatically attracted to books or reading makes a person intelligent !Intelligence no doubt is also more to do with genes that we inherit, however, a person can develop a well rounded personality and become more knowledgeable and thereby more interesting when he/she reads books.

It is essential that we should develop the reading habit in our children.One can see the difference in the capability and mental ability of the children who read and are interested in books as compared to those who do not. It also makes one imaginative which is very important to develop emotional quotient in a child. Just being intelligent does not make an individual complete. One can see that those children who read are also well mannered and caring towards others.Childhood memories can last a life time , thats why it is the duty of the parents to make it as happy and complete as possible.

Comparing the Television to books - there is a lot of information and knowledge on many TV channels .If ne makes the right choice of course one can gain a lot of knowledge.It is the same case with books - one has to choose what to read and what not to read.TV is of course much more addicitve because of the visuals .Knowledge is unlimited and the more you read the more you want to learn about things .A voracious reader is forever looking for more subjects and more reading material. Reading helps a person develop an all round personality and a well read person is definitely much more interesting to be with.

Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 01/09/2012    Points:2    

Right said, reading is definitely a very good habit. Whenever you read, you gain something, so it is such kind of hobby which always gives you something.

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